Maşukiye stone quarry efforts

Maşukiye stone quarry efforts
High Speed ​​Train (YHT) made for the new railway in the region within the boundaries of the material needed to be used, the Kartepe district Mashukiye region of natural beauty in the decision to be taken from the region, the ruling party in the AKP created a nuisance. Kocaeli MPs Sibel Gonul and Fikri Isik, together with Kartepe Mayor Karik Fish, conducted a survey in the Yanik Creek region, which was decided to be transformed into a quarry yesterday.
The fact that the idea of ​​establishing a Maşukiye quarry is met with great reaction in almost every circle in Kocaeli disturbs and worries prudent people within the AKP. It is known that Sibel Gönül comes first among them. Gönül, deputy Işık and President Karabalık met with Deputy Governor Sözen in Kocaeli Governorship yesterday and discussed this issue. The same names then went to the region and made investigations. Gönül and Işık said, "We are looking for alternative places where the material required for the YHT road can be extracted".
Prime Minister Erdogan wants the YHT road to be completed as soon as possible. The Prime Minister, of course, does not say "Get the necessary stones from the Yanık creek bed". But Transport Minister Yıldırım, who is pressured by the Prime Minister, is putting pressure on the authorities of our city. For this reason, President Karaosmanoğlu, AKP Provincial Chairman Civelek and one of the deputies İlyas Şeker said, “Oh, the Prime Minister and the Minister should not be angry. No matter if Maşukiye disappears. Sibel Gönül, Kocaeli deputy, is strictly against the transformation of Maşukiye quarry. Işık also showed that he was with Gönül with his attempt yesterday. Industry Minister Nihat Ergün has not expressed an opinion on this issue until now.

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