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Maşukiye quarry and Başiskele port demands
The decision was made from Ankara and the administrators of our province were very likely to accept Mashukiye quarry as they were willing to accept it.
Some of the politicians who have good intentions and who are responsible for our city will probably not be looking for a new and alternative place Bazı
Because of their good intentions; It doesn't seem to make me think that the decisions taken at the desk in Ankara cannot be corrected da
I cannot stop thinking positively that the reactions rising from all over our city have raised the sensitivities to at least the “quarry to be established in Maşukiye”…
I believe that even this is a profit for our city Bun
At least “Our city is not the road of passing the road anı was revealed En
MHT from Maşukiye will come to our province from Gebze and come to our province from Sakarya and YHT Project will face us with many problems that we can not guess except Maşukiye quarry İstanbul
Once again, I regard these concerns as a responsibility to our city Bu
Every place where YHT passes will be flat her
The project orders it Proje
Trees to be cut Ağaç
Let's be prepared for the words ım don't worry iz
Green areas will be destroyed in areas where it is necessary Yeşil
In fact, even some historical buildings will be 'submerged' in front of this national project and will be re-entered into history.
No one can stand in front of YHT Project Proj
Because it is a Great National Project Çünkü
Neither the people nor the green environment, nor the historical artifacts, nor the politicians may be Ön
Work accidents will be inevitable (I wish no one's nose should be bleeding) İş
However: The name of the High Speed ​​Train Project and the 2013 of the coming 30 will be finished on September 29 90 of the Republic Day on October. will be in service hizmet
Yildiz Entegre at Basiskele
working insistently for the port liman
I wrote this issue several weeks ago and I had the task of alerting our authorities and political parties and non-governmental organizations Bu
According to my information, Yıldız Entegre plans to establish a new port in Başiskele by combining a small area that is opened to İzmit Körfez with other lands next to it.
Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca and many deputies of the power ve We will not allow the establishment of a new port in İzmit Körfez i. Because we have already invested so that we can clean our gulf and enter the sea all around and we will continue to invest in this. Existing ports or piers can renew themselves, modernize and increase their capacities leri… The words were expressed in alliance and created a climate of trust among our fellow towns Var
My concern is ...
What would we say if someone like his YHT project, who got his job cut off from Ankara (which we call Yıldız Entegre) and come to establish a port in the Gulf of Izmit? ...
As in YHT project, this is a “National big project of our country. Will we encounter an answer saying that our exports will increase and our budget will be closed by making large foreign currency inflows? ”…
That's the source of my worries.
I hope and I hope I'm wrong Dil
But if the ruling party cannot be opposed to the decisions to be taken in Ankara, at least I would like to take precautionary measures and hope that they will be prepared for ıy future projects tedbir.
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