Maşukiye stone quarry project

Maşukiye stone quarry project
CHP Deputy Haydar Akar, who was a guest at the breakfast of the Artvin People Association, said that the stone quarry project (Maşukiye stone quarry project) was a betrayal project to Kocaeli and that Sibel Gönül, who opposed the quarry by using the word 'Yosma' by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, was impertinent.
Kocaeli Artvin People Culture and Solidarity Association hosted CHP Deputy Haydar Akar, Izmit district chairman Selman Yıldırım and former CHP deputy candidate Ehlinaz Torun with a breakfast held yesterday in the association building. Answering the questions of press members at breakfast, Akar touched on the problem of duplicate members between the AKP-CHP and the stone quarry (Maşukiye stone quarry project) that is intended to be established in Maşukiye. Speaking about the quarry is quite heavy, especially mites, is a project of national high-speed train project, not to take advantage of Kocaeli in Turkey, but said it was betrayed by the quarry project in Kocaeli. Akar also supported AKP Deputy Sibel Gönül, who opposed the quarry, and stated that İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who used the phrase "Environmentalist moss", was rudeness against Gönül.
Kocaeli he gave his contribution to the national economy with a lot of investments made in Turkey but expressing Akar Kocaeli have been neglected, "Fast Train project was tendered in 2006. 8 of the tender specifications. Sapanca Şirinevler, Muradiye, Hacımercan, Geyve-Akçay and Kizilkaya'dan stone will meet the need was expressed. Until then, Iznik and Geyve received stones. As for the train's Köseköy-Bilecik line, it was decided to open a quarry in Maşukiye because both the logistics costs of Cengiz İnşaat and the billions entered into its pocket. Cengiz Construction's pocket money will come out of our pocket. Kocaeli national income per person, while 24 thousand TL, thousand people per thousand 600 TL is recycled. Therefore, a metro cannot be built in Kocaeli. Kocaeli in Turkey thanks to the investments made, "he said.
Akar stated that the Maşukiye quarry project was a betrayal project for Kocaeli. Anet This project is a project of removing Kocaeli people from the sea. They will not be able to utilize the trainees, workers and students. This is a national project. Turkey will benefit. No benefit for Kocaeli. We're not against the train, but we said it's parallel to the highway. The high speed train has no contribution to Kocaeli. Governor Ercan Topaca, SUMOTAŞ event, the Posco, the Coalition OIZ and the capital was on the side. I'm asking the governor and the Mayor of the city. When are you going to be with the people of Kocaeli? Siz 'YOSMA SÖZÜ GÖNÜL'E TERBİYESİZLİK''this is not considered the arguments made for the citizen Akar, ES Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, environmentalist he survives. He hangs billboards everywhere. They did nothing more than greening the moment with no delay. The main ones should not see themselves deserve a quarry. AKP MP Sibel Gonul thinks like us. But the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, 'yosma environmentalists' is a rudeness against Sibel Hanim. This word has another meaning in Azerbaijan, but it is a Rizeli. Unfortunately, managers do not claim this city. Kocaeli no longer needs such investments. There is a need for projects that will bring quality living standards to people. We have enough feed to Turkey, "he said.
Association President Nuri Almaz also took care of Abdullah Öztürk, the provincial director of agriculture, who resigned because he did not sign the Maşukiye quarry project. “Environmental damage is an irreversible mistake. Gold will also be mined with cyanide in Artvin Şavşat. All precautions should be taken. "We want the quarry not to be established and our fellow countryman Abdullah Öztürk's grievance to be eliminated." Replying to AKP Izmit District Chair Ali Korkmaz, who made a statement about the duplicate members the previous day, Akar said, “It will be examined whether the signatures are fake or not. Not only in 81 provinces across Turkey in Kocaeli we're talking about dual membership close to 64 thousand. There was a member race in AKP for a while. Even the Kocaeli provincial president was also awarded. "Ali Korkmaz's statements do not mean that they are innocent."

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