Mars Logistics invests 27 million euros in Intermodal Transportation

Mars Logistics invests 27 million euros in Intermodal Transportation
Mars Logistics has launched a new yeni Intermodal Transport sok with the 500 trailer investment. Mars Logistics, with the investment of 27 million euros in Italy's Trieste city and Luxembourg, the city of Bettembourg began transporting trailers with trailers. Through the first time that occurred in September goods coming by sea from Turkey to Trieste, Italy, Luxembourg will reach the railway. Thanks to this new service from Mars, carbon dioxide emissions of at least 13 a year will be prevented. With this nature-friendly investment, each trailer will travel more than a mile 2 500 from the starting point to the last destination.
Depart three times a week - trains between Bettembourg Trieste who will make the return journey, the trailer is loaded to carry the goods taken from various places in Turkey. After arriving at Trieste by ship from the ports of Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin, the trains will continue on the train and arrive at various destinations in Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, England, France and Germany after passing through the Bettembourg Multimodal terminal.
Mars Logistics Deputy General Manager Ali Tulgar made a statement on the subject, with this new route compared to road solutions, carbon emissions, 75 reduction, they provide, he said. Ali Tulgar stated that Mars, which aims a more livable world, has achieved sustainable development targets with this investment. With the new intermodal network they set out with the motto 'Optimum time, maximum environmentalism', he said that in the first year he worked in connection with Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin ports and they planned to move 10 bin trailers.

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