After Marmaray, it's time for Ankara-Afyonkarahisar railway construction

Afyonkarahisar Turkey's future 11 years 4 thousand kilometers of high-speed train 10 thousand kilometers further explaining the new railway will do Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, after opening Marmaray order of the Ankara-Afyonkarahisar the railway and its sequel, said the future of the Ankara Izmir route
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Ankara-Eskisehir and Ankara-Konya lines, the number of passengers reached 6,5 million, he said. Expressing that they prepared a railway project to the Persian Gulf, Yıldırım said that the Gaziantep-Aleppo high-speed train line will be completed after the end of the Syrian races.

Source: Kocatepe Newspaper




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