Marmaray Temenye Höyüğü begins its historical shift


The date shift started on the Marmaray Temenye Höyük
Archaeological excavations started in an area of ​​200 meters with the emergence of Temenye Höyük during the Marmaray works. Authorities aim to shed light on history without disrupting the project schedule.
Archaeological remains known as 'Temenye Höyük' were unearthed during the works carried out within the Marmaray project in Pendik, Istanbul. B.C. Due to the mound, which is reported to belong to 6400 years, the Marmaray work was stopped on a 200-meter site. The authorities aim to complete the excavations in a short time without ignoring the archaeological sensitivities and disrupting the Marmaray study. Skeleton, stone and terracotta artifacts belonging to the Neolithic period have been found so far. In addition, a 'water expense' which was estimated to belong to the Byzantine period was found.
Previously dug 3 times
Attempts to rescue the Pendik Temenye Mound were made in 1961, 1981 and 1992. However, after the new buildings were built, the mound was underground. It is learned that the remains obtained from the ongoing works on the Pendik - Gebze Line in an area of ​​200 meters will be sent to the Archeology Museum. Istanbul Archeology Museum officials stated that the works will be completed in a short time, and that the negative weather conditions reduced the excavation speed. Rahmi Asal, Deputy Director of Istanbul Archeology Museums, stated that they have come across historical ruins in many places with their Marmaray works. It is a continuation of the previous studies. The ruins are period BC. It is dated as 3. The works are carried out in an area of ​​6400 meters at a depth of 200-1.5 meters. Studies continue without ignoring archaeological sensitivities and disrupting Marmaray. Skeletons, stone and earth artifacts have been found in the studies conducted so far. Anthropologists and experts will determine the exact periods to which the remains belong. Hundreds of scientists from around the world also showed interest in the excavations we did with Marmaray. ”
Pendik Mayor Kenan Şahin said, “As it is understood from the ruins, although there are no findings from a royal center or an ancient city center, we can find information about the experiences of that period. The findings will provide important clues to the life of Istanbul and its people at that time. ”

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