Denizli izmir train survived the fire cheap

A fire broke out on the high-speed train running the Denizli-Izmir expedition in the Nazilli district of Aydın. The flames, which the level crossing officer noticed, were extinguished by the firefighters. While material damage occurred in the fire, passengers on the train were sent by buses.

Denizli Izmir fire broke out
Denizli-Izmir voyage Salih Kavak 32262 17.45 XNUMX trains in the rear part of the driver determined by the first determination of the fire due to the short circuit.

Ali Rıza Çakar, who was in charge of the level crossing of Cumhuriyet District, reported the flames and informed the authorities to Nazilli Garage Directorate. The flames of the train approaching the Nazilli Railway Station were extinguished by the fire crews.

While the fire was not injured, the 50 passenger on the train suffered a brief panic. Passengers were safely downloaded from the train and sent to their destination by bus.

Material damage occurred in the train, according to the first determination is estimated to start with the fire in the electrical components of the fire began.

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