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Turkey long high-speed railway line: about 2 thousand 300 kilometers to be built in China, the world's longest high-speed railway line was officially opened. This distance, which is 565 thousand kilometers from one end to another, much longer than Turkey. Beijing-Guangcou train line, which is the longest high-speed train line in the world and exceeding more than half of China, is opened today.
Thanks to the high-speed trains that travel an average of 300 kilometers, the 22 line of Beijing-Guangcou-hour will drop to 8 hours and connect the capital and the production locomotive in the south of the country, Guangdong Province.

In the morning, two trains departed from Beijing and Guangcou for their first flight, while the 2 bin 298 high-speed train line began their first journey. The train will travel around the 155 even on the new day, while on weekends and on special days extra trips will be added.
With the opening of this last line, the fast train line in the country has reached the 9 bin 349. The high-speed train system is rapidly spreading across the country. Recently, China has been developing its high-speed train and railway technology in accordance with this system and it also exports this technology.

- 2013 billion Yuan investment in high-speed networks in 600-

There are already secondary high speed lines in many regions of the country and these lines will be connected to 4 north-south and 4 east-west high speed lines that will be established throughout the country. The Beijing Guangcou line, which is in service today, is the first of its southern and northern main lines. Meanwhile, Beijing-Shanghai line, which was put into service at 2011, is one of the main lines connecting the north and east.

Officials have reported that all currently constructed lines will be completed by 2015. After the high-speed train crash in Vincou last year, the construction of high-speed train networks was relatively slow and all networks were again under security control. Normally, the speed of trains traveling at 350 was reduced to 300. So the opening of the Beijing and Guangcou line was delayed by another year.

The Ministry of Railways announces an investment budget of 600 billion yuan (about 172,5 billion pounds) next year for rail construction, and is currently conducting a high-speed train line project between Shian and the major centers in the south-west of the country.
In China, 28 will pass through the city and the capital will connect Beijing and 5 directly.

The trains linking the cities of Guangcou, the capital of China's northern capital, and the capital of Guangdong Province in the south, together with the important economic centers of the province, cover the distance of the 2 bin 298 within a time of approximately 8.

Starting from the capital, the trains end their journey in Guangcou, passing through central passenger transport points, such as the city of Shijiacuang in Hibey province, Cingcou city of Hunan province, Wuhan city of Hubey province and Changsha cities of Hunan province. The Beijing-Guangcou high-speed train line, which cuts the east of the country vertically and will serve on a route of 400 million inhabitants, forms the backbone of China's "Medium and Long Term Railway Network Planning Project".

2020 target 50 thousand km

The Beijing-Guangcou line, which connects 27 cities in the five provinces of China and the capital Beijing, passing through 35 stations, has become the longest high-speed train line in the world. Normal trains, which still run between the two cities, can travel between Beijing and Guangcou in 22 hours at maximum speed. The Beijing-Guangcou high speed train line, which will serve with CRH380AL and CRH380BL series trains, has four different classes: economy, "first class", "VIP" and "business class".
The cheapest economy class ticket prices are 865 Yuan (approx. 250 TL), while business class tickets will be sold from 2 bin 727 Yüenden (approx. 785 TL).
However, the public opinion that the train fare is expensive, and cheaper prices on the same route can be provided in the flight ticket is expressed. Fast train lines that have been used in China since 2007 have shown great improvement in a short time. It is estimated that the high-speed rail network in China, which has a total length of approximately 8 a thousand kilometers, will reach 2020 a thousand kilometers up to 50.

Contribution to economic development

It is estimated that approximately 3 billion dollars will be spent for every 96 thousand kilometers in the rail network projects where high-speed trains will operate, and its direct contribution to the economic growth of China will be around 1,5 percent per year. Experts say the line will contribute positively to the economic development in the region. It is stated that some relatively underdeveloped cities will be “included in the current economic development circle” and will play an important role in the multi-urbanization process planned by the Beijing administration. It is stated that the high-speed train lines will be one of the locomotives in China's high-speed economic development, while the development of the high-speed train lines will be an “effective and important task” in terms of increasing domestic consumption and employment and improving the living conditions of the people.

The opening of the Beijing-Guangcou high-speed train line, December 26, is also considered a “auspicious day” because it is the birthday of China's founding leader Mao Zidong.

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