Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project

Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project
Esenkent- Eskişehir Line
25.000.000 m3 excavation was performed in excavation and filling works.
164.000 truck transported 2.500.000 ton ballast with expedition.
254 pieces culvert construction completed.
26 pieces highway overpass, 30 unit highway underpass, 4 unit channel passage, 13 unit river bridge, 2 unit highway bridge, 7 unit train bridge, 4120 unit viaduct of total length 4.
471 pieces with a total length of 1 m tunnels were finished.
A total of 412 km superstructure was installed.
Esenkent-Eskişehir high-speed train line, independent of the current line, 250 km / h speed double-line and high-standard construction was built.
The line was commissioned.
Eskişehir Railroad Crossing
• The existing load center, warehouse and workshops were moved to Hasanbey and the other areas of the car park were integrated with Eskişehir, making it a suitable attraction center for the city and aimed to solve the transportation problems on both sides of the city.
• With the transfer of the facilities at Eskişehir Gar to Hasanbey, it is planned to coordinate with the local authorities and make the garage suitable for the urban fabric.
• The passing of the existing railway line through the city center adversely affects road transportation. The iştir Eskişehir Railroad Crossing ”is specially designed to prevent traffic accidents occurring in level crossings as well as to prevent accidents that may occur in crossings and to make Eskişehir a more beautiful and livable city.
Eskisehir State Buses
• 96 m from L walls, 400 m from U walls and approximately 892 of closed section were completed. 1.452 m. si has been completed.
• Temporary pedestrian underpass construction for the use of the warehouse building as a temporary passenger loading overlay platform was completed at the site.
• Displacement of the temporary operating line passing through Ibis Hotel's outbuildings and preventing the work is completed and closed section production is continued.
• Production of L = 81.36 m 3.45 * 2.20 m underpass in Gar field is still in progress and 72.00 m. and the 2 output ladder is finished.
• The dismantling of the existing lines at the station area has been completed up to km: 280 + 740.00.
Progress Status (in%)

• The production of P1 and P2 reinforced concrete foot and column production and head beam beams were completed in the production of the National Egemenlik Boulevard highway overpass.
• Çilem Cd. In the construction of the highway overpass, the foundation piers of the bridge have been completed at the sections permitted by the Metropolitan Municipality.
• Approx. 50.000 m
• Cell filling has been completed.
• Ahmet Rasim and Yeşilırmak Sk. foundation excavations on pedestrian overpasses, reinforced concrete and steel foundation were completed.
Inonu-Vezirhan Line
• The manufacturing of art structures continues.
• 29.128 of 19 Tunnels in total (12 meters) have been completed. 23.077 mt in total. tunnel excavation has been completed.
• The 19.8 km along with the finished tunnels was delivered to the superstructure.
Progress Status (in%)

Vezirhan-Köseköy Line
• 8 out of 7 tunnels have been completed. Arch lining works continue in 1 tunnel. 8 out of 7 tunnels have been completed. Work continues in a tunnel.
• 95 pieces of culverts and 23 pieces of underpasses are finished.
• 43 kilometers from Geyve to Vezirhan were delivered. Bodywork work in progress. (21000 meter double line panel laid out)
Progress Status (in%)

Köseköy-Gebze Line
• The superstructure is dismantled. Expropriation studies continue. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 27.03.2012.
• Expropriation works are ongoing.
• Infrastructure displacements started.
Progress Status (in%)

Izmit- Istanbul North Crossing
A contract was signed on 16.02.2011 with the contractor company within the scope of Adapazarı Northern Pass Survey, Project, Engineering and Consultancy Services.
1 Stage corridor selection studies have been approved.
2. Phase route selection studies have ended.
3. Phase exact and detailed project work has been started.
On 26.09.2012, the company's contract term has expired.
The company has been given an extension of 317 days. The 3rd phase works are continuing. Ground and drilling works have been completed in Köseköy.
Ground and drilling works have started in Köseköy.


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