Gulf line commuter line

Gulf line commuter line
Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, at the end of the parliamentary meeting said that it is not possible to make the metro system with the municipal budget,from SakaryaWe will support the Gulf Road commuter line system, he said.
Karaosmanoğlu said that they will not be able to build the metro system with the income of the municipality. If we build it, we will have our future mortgaged. The government has to do this. KocaeliThe standard is rising. Our village population is growing considerably. We need to install a heavy rail system. Contact Marmaray directlyis coming. Half an hour can be crossed across the strait, Yarım he said.
GebzeKaraosmanoğlu said İstanbul Our suburbs (Körfezray suburban line project) Istanbulfrom SakaryaOr go. We support the suburban system. We will use the best in subway standard. Next year Republic DayAfter that we aim to use the system. In the coming period, the metro line from Kadıköy to Kartal must meet with Gebze. Because Gebzealso have organized industrial zone. Many people come and go, Çok he said. Karaosmanoğlu said, bizi The important problem waiting for us in the future is our region of Gebze. There will be congestion. We'll see more of 5 years later. I read this book every day and live in it. We will implement this system with our government, transport ministry and Istanbul municipality. Metro station before Gebzethen go to Izmit, there is no other solution, e he said.

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