We sold the bridges and highways to 27 annual profits

Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, "bridges and highways were sold cheaply," he said that the memorization, said: "Bridges and motorways before interest and taxes profit went to the floor 27. They recite them, Bunlar he said.
Speaking live on CNBC-e, Şimşek pointed out that bridge and highway privatization is “the second biggest privatization in the history of the Republic”. Noting that many discussions were made during the said privatization, Şimşek stated that one of these discussions is the subject of whether highways and bridges are money or not, and highways and bridges are money in many countries of the world.
In another discussion “If there is income. Why should I customize it? Yıllık Şimşek noted that the pre-tax and pre-interest profits of the highways and bridges are 209 million dollars annually.
Stating that the private sector is much better than the state in terms of service quality, efficiency and efficient use of resources, Şimşek said, ıs Income in privatization is a dimension of business, but the purpose is not only income. We are going to spend around 5,7 billion dollars on the divided roads that are currently underway. Therefore, the quality of the service provided to the citizen on the motorways and bridges will increase, on the other hand we will have the opportunity to make new roads Dolayısıyla.
Explaining that there are concerns that operators can go to arbitrary price increases after the privatization of bridges and highways, Şimşek emphasized that the increase can be realized in either CPI or the inflation rate in the USA.
Responding to criticism that the bridges were auctioned very cheaply, Şimşek continued his words:
“Profit went 27 times before interest and tax. They speak them by heart. They say, sir, 'The annual revenue generated is $ 535 million.' But this comes gross. From here they will pay 18 percent VAT, 10 percent will pay to the municipality. These roads have maintenance and repair. When you drop them, there is actually $ 209 million in taxes and pre-interest profit. We also sold it to 27 times. For how long? For 25 years. Motorways and bridges are also in the state. Property is state. We just say that. (The private sector provides better service. Let us transfer this to the private sector. They run it. Let's make the life of the citizen easier with the income from here. Let's make new roads, new bridges). "

Source: Liberty



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