Konya tram is a separate problem in winter

Konya tram is a separate problem in winter
Konya tram problem once again with the last rains
In addition to the minute disruption of the accidents as a result of the accidents, the citizens were both wet and cold with the rain water coming from and above the stops.
Konya trolley skein does not end. The winter stench of the trams returning to the sauna at summer temperature is also a worse. Rain, which continued for several days, caused a number of interruptions in public transportation, and trams saw the biggest impact. This time there were new stops to the negativity. Wall Advertising Company, stalled, the citizens harassed the life. Citizens who took shelter in the stops to avoid getting wet from the heavy rain, couldn't escape getting wet. With the wind from the empty spaces next to the stops and the water flowing at the stop along with water waiting hardly lived.
Especially at the campus stop, students had to soak for 1 hour at the station due to the cold weather and rain. Although it was stated that the accident caused the disruption of the tram services, the insufficiency of the stops caused reactions. The students, who got wet and waited in the cold for minutes despite being at the station, said, "Is such a municipality work?" Some of the students stated that they could not see the "modern city we expected in Konya". Stating that the purpose of the stops is to protect people from wind, rain and snow, the students said, “Unfortunately, the stops do not do this duty. As you can see, the rain comes in from the side gaps and the roof flows. Random stops were made to make it modern. It doesn't matter whether we are inside or outside in the pouring rain. We got wet every way. They state that the tram was delayed due to an accident. Even so, the municipality should have made the stops more sheltered and take precautions. As if we were not waiting for minutes, we were also cold. ”
On the other hand, Konya Metropolitan Municipality decided to update the Transportation Master Plan, taking into account the possible growth strategies of the city. According to the new decision, Metropolitan will also conduct researches such as traffic counts and passenger surveys at important intersections, entrances and exits. The Metropolitan Municipality, which will make the transportation plan for the next 15 years, plans to solve the transportation problems of the city with the participation of citizens. Despite the plan, the fact that the tram problem has not been solved for 10 years has completely annoyed the citizen. In addition to the rumors that new trams will start their journey in April, it is observed that the problems will somehow continue unless the existing infrastructure, especially the stops, is improved.
As we have stated in many news, the most important sub-investment is to take the trams underground at intersections. Making this arrangement, as stated by many city planners, is expected to minimize the disruption of tram services in the accidents that occur. In addition, it is stated that making the existing stops more protected against cold, rain and snow will bring Konya a more modern city in the rail system.

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