KGS 1 Coming On The Stove HGS Is Coming

The KGS system, which is used in tolls at highways and Istanbul Bosphorus bridges, will be replaced by HGS, which provides non-stop transit at the toll booths, and will be closed for use as of 1 January 2013.
Road users need to register for OGS or HGS subscription so that they do not become victims. Users will be able to register by applying to the Motorway Service Facilities and PTT agencies and other PTT branches which have HGS label sales agreement on the motorways with the contracted banks.
Those who have cash KGS card in highways, have to apply to the tolls where these services are provided on the highway to become HGS or OGS subscriber and also to return the cards by applying to related banks for cash KGS card taken from banks.
Vehicle owners using the motorway without subscribers, the date of the transition to the next day without paying a fee 7 transition system (OGS or HGS) if they become a member, will pay the normal toll. Otherwise, they will have to pay ten times the administrative fine, along with the toll calculated according to the farthest distance of the motorway used.

Source: KGM



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