Siirt journalists enjoy the Tahtali Mountain with Olympos Cable Car

Siirt journalists on the summit of Mount Tahtali with Olympos Teleferik
Siirt journalists visited the Kemer district of Antalya, the summit of Tahtalı Mountain. The peak of the mountain with the last snow falling on Mount Olympos reached the peak of the press, fans of the region admired the view.

Siirt from Antalya to 13 personality Siirt journalists who announced his views on behalf of Siirt Governor's Office Press Director Sukru Uraz, Olympos Teleferik 'i said that they watched with admiration. Stating that they were stunned by the landscape, Uraz said, kal We are in Antalya where there are three seasons. One side of the sea snow on one side. We are enjoying this. Bun

Haydarplastu Golç Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olympos Teleferik Plant, stated that they are the focus of interest with the snowfall expected at the summit. We encounter the great interest of the people of Antalya and the tourists and school groups staying in our region. Children's curiosity is worth seeing. If you are going to enjoy the snow, everyone on the peak of Tahtali Mount Olympos Teleferik'nın 2 bin 365 meters are welcome.

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