Istanbula Havaray Project in Japan Proposed

Istanbula Havaray Project in Japan Proposed
"HITACHI SUGGESTED HAVARAY TO RELAX ISTANBUL TRAFFIC" was one of the last indicators of the miraculous development of this project, which was brought to the agenda by our fellow countryman and Şebin Media writer Murat Güztoğlu as the CANDIDATE CHAIRMAN of ÇANKAYA in the 1999 elections.
According to a report in the 100th year of its founding the world-famous Japanese firm, which translates to open the Communications Bureau of the Turkey office in Istanbul Hitachi sales in Istanbul at the end of the year arttırıyor.2012 work in Turkey as enjoying high growth rates, Hitachi explaining that combines the purchase and delivery services European Group President Sir Stephen Gomenstall proposed the Istanbul Havaray Project to the traffic that became a ULUKENT (megacity).
For HAVARAY, the manager of Hitachi, which develops solutions with different speeds in urban and inter-city traffic, "The most important feature of this system is that it goes in the air on a single rail. The construction-related part of the system requires precision. We believe that Turkish companies with significant experience in the construction field will be successful." .Gomersall highlighted the advantage of Havaray, which is "preferred in places where the city density is high", by repeating a fact that he emphasized in the program booklet "ÇANKAYA FOR DOĞRUSU_MURAT GÜZTOKLUSU" in 1999.
Our author, Murat Güztokülü, in various press releases and articles, explained the benefits and advantages of "havaray" in detail. Especially the long article titled "FIVE YEARS OF HAVARAY PROJECT" published in the Gazette KADIKÖY dated April 30, 2004 was a road and groundbreaking especially for Istanbul (İstanbula Havaray Project).
Meanwhile, famous names such as Prof. Ahmet Vefik Alp have emerged who want to cost the project. KadıköyAs a result of the research conducted by Güztokcisi, the project was voiced in the 1999 elections and after the 1999 elections by Prof. Alp.
During his appointment to the Prime Ministry Advisory, it was revealed that he tried to bring the issue to the agenda with an unquestionable openness.
The discussion of the title 'HAVARAY', which is the proper name for his project, has been another important evidence in this regard.
Havaray Project was on the agenda in the capital last year after Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek's suggestion of a telefrication to Dikmen Valley. After the 1999 elections, Gökçek removed the decision to establish a havaray on the Kızılay-Keçiören line from the Metropolitan Council and put it under the name of 'HAVARAY' in the year 2000 program. After hundreds of trillions buried in the ground, he had to hand over the project to the Ministry of Transport. Our Gökçek fellow countryman Güztoklisi's commitment to the Havaray Project emerged after ten years with the proposal of a telefric.
However, this diligence did not go unnoticed by careful observers. Evin Demirtaş from Milliyet enlightened the public on this issue in an interview with Murat Güztoklisi on 11 December 2011.
On the same day in Hürriyet, Erdal İpekerşen, in his article titled "As if the Tourism Poor Has Been Managed by Someone Else for 17 Years", wrote the following under the subheading "Telefrik Project Belong to Someone Else":
"………. Recently said another project. He said that I will make a telefrik between Oran and the Red Crescent. These words of someone who could not extend the metro even one meter did not sound very convincing. However, the person who first put forward this idea of ​​telefrik was Çankaya Mayoralty from DSP in 1999. Murat Güztoklisi, who was a candidate but could not be elected, explained this project in his election statement and mentioned the cable car that Melih Gökçek recently pronounced 12 years ago.
Thank God in our country, people can not be digested in the root of the brilliance.
Ankara is like that, is Istanbul different? Istanbul Municipality, which has brought the Şişhane-Okmeydanı tram line to the investment phase, keeps counting from the mouth of Mayor Kadir Topbaş that 7 different Istanbul Havaray Project lines are in the design phase.
So good welcome in the middle of all this beauty that Turkey's agenda when there was nothing to our countrymen the right Murat Güztoklusu
Why do they see a dry thank-you to Murat Güztoklusu, when the big and big mayors invest billions of dollars in these projects. Does it touch their pride?

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