İzmir Tram Lines Project Üçkuyular - Konak - Alsancak - Halkapınar (Konak) and Karşıyaka tram line is waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Development

İzmir Tram Lines Project to be realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality “Üçkuyular - Konak - Alsancak - Halkapınar (Konak) and Karşıyaka Tram Line Tenders ”.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Approval of the Ministry of Development is expected in order to make announcements regarding the tramline tenders.
Stating that the necessary credit is available for the realization of the project and approval is expected from the Ministry of Development at this stage, the authorities stated that if the approval cannot be obtained, local banks will have to get high interest loans.
After the necessary approvals, tender announcements are expected to be made in 2013 year. The Konak tram line is expected to cost about 130 million dollars. The length of the line was determined as 12 kilometers. Karşıyaka The tram line will cost 107 million dollars and the length of the line will be 6 kilometers.


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