Mhpden Criticism for İzbann's Groundbreaking Ceremony

Mhpden Criticism for İzbann's Groundbreaking Ceremony
6 station in the Cumovası-Torbalı area of ​​İZBAN, which is still under construction, the foundation of the 9 highway overpass, the first rail source was carried out with a ceremony, the ceremony attracted the reaction of the MHP voters.
Making a press statement yesterday, MHP Torbalı District Chairman Yurdadoğ Mutlu, the Ministry of Transport and the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir as they come to their minds, high-speed train line did not remember the opening for what they said. Mutlu said, temel They put two stones, laying the foundation. They're tying four iron, they're grounding again. People are bored of this situation, Bu he said.
Mhpden Criticism for İzbann's Groundbreaking Ceremony
Within the framework of the Egeray Project, Aliağa-Cumaovası reacted to the continuation of continuous groundbreaking ceremonies as the works of extension of İZBAN, which has been serving about 2010 million passengers from 85 until August, from Cumovası to Torbalı continued. 'The Government and the Metropolitan Municipality is very curious to lay the foundation,' said MHP District President Mutlu, MH How many times they put the basic line in the high-speed train, I stopped counting. As they come to their minds are basic Ak.
MHP District Chairman argues that the high-speed train will divide Torbali into two, which will cause trouble in the district. Da They are afraid to take the 5 kilometer section underground. I don't understand why they're afraid. This is a huge investment in Torbalı, but I think it will be more damaging than the benefit. Torbalı'nın dividing the line does not sound any manager. Neither the government wing nor the local municipality. They only know how to do the opening ceremony. Sadece

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