İZBAN wants discrimination

İZBAN wants discrimination
There are many important developments in the Torbalı foot of İZBAN which is under construction. There are even those who argue that the city will benefit the city as well as those who are said to divide the city into two. The people of Ayrancılar is very different. Ayrancılılar İZBAN wants to pass through the neighborhoods
The year we have passed the decision to extend the Torbalı'ya İZBAN'da work continues at full speed. The problems and expectations related to İZBAN are expressed in this process. Many citizens will divide Torbali into two because it does not look hot in some citizens İZBAN wants to be near where they live. In Ayrancılar, the shining star of Torbalı, citizens want İZBAN to pass near the neighborhood. Ayrancılarlı Republican People's Party (CHP) Provincial Councilor Hakkı Güney stated that it is possible for İZBAN to pass through the Ayrancılar but that it will be by the request of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım.
In the last years, one of the most important settlements in Torbalı Ayrancılar'da citizens in the neighborhood now wants to pass İZBAN near the neighborhood. This request will only happen if the request of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yildirim, will be realized. Ayrancılar will be a very important settlement if done. A promise between the ruling party's two lips will make us happy here. I am of the opinion that this issue should be considered before İZBAN's work is finished. İZ
AYRANCILAR'ın districts given about the promises of the reason that it will be very useful for the people of the passing of the İZBAN line Ayrancılar CHP Provincial Councilor Hakkı Güney said, ın In the last two years Ayrancılar was promised to be a district. But the words are still not held. This situation has upset the people of Ayrancılar very. People were deceived about being a county. Now, the citizens want to pass the line of İZBAN Ayrancılarların. We hope that the authorities will be sensitive in this case. Um

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