İZBAN Torbalı Line

İZBAN Torbalı Line
Minister Binali Yıldırım said that the Izmir Suburban System is a project carried out by the government and the municipality.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, said that the Izmir Suburban System is a project carried out by the government and the municipality and that if they serve İzmir, they consider politics as a detail.
Established in partnership with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Tcdd, İzmir Suburban AŞ (İZBAN), 6 stations, 9 highway under and overpasses to be built in the system with the first rail source of the line that will extend the Izmir Suburban System from Cumaovası to Torbalı on the southern axis. The groundbreaking ceremony was held with the participation of Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım.
In his speech at the ceremony, Yıldırım said that the infrastructure works on the İZBAN Torbalı line, which they laid the groundwork on October 7, were largely completed, and with the construction of the first rail laying work and under-overpasses to begin today, within 1-1,5 years, citizens with the İZBAN Torbalı line, He stated that the opportunity to travel will be offered.
Pointing out that the project is an exemplary project, Yıldırım stated:
“This project is a project carried out by the government and the municipality. What we have always said, 'If the issue is to serve İzmir, politics is detail.' The İZBAN line is truly a reflexive project for the people of Izmir. More than 214 million people who have made 80 thousand trips in İZBAN have traveled to this line within 2 years. Their prayer and thanks are enough. Now the projects that will extend the line to Selçuk have been completed and will be tendered soon. In 2013, projects to extend from Aliağa to Bergama are coming to an end. We will equip İzmir from the north to the south with rail systems. We do this step by step. ”
35 of 14 projects are under construction
Yıldırım gave information about other transportation investments in İzmir and started to serve on the renewed Tire Railway Line, the “Anatolian Train” was highly appreciated, and that they were working on extending this line from Ödemiş to Kiraz, between Kemalpaşa and Turgutlu for 30 kilometers. He also announced that the railway line will be opened next month.
Stating that they are speeding up the work on the Izmir side of the Izmir-Istanbul highway, Yıldırım also said that a tender will be made to deliver the highway to the port under construction in Çandarlı.
Yıldırım stated that the works continue in Logistics Village and Güzelbahçe Fishermen Shelter and Fish Market Projects in Kemalpaşa and said:
“Before the election, we said '35 İzmir 35 Projects'. It has not been 1,5 years, today we started 35 of 14 projects, 10 of them are still preparing. We also made the tender for the İZKARAY project, which will continue under the gulf, and started its work. We are taking an important step in gulf cleaning with the cooperation of TCDD-Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. 2 high-capacity dredging vessels are ready for this. Two channels will be opened in the bay. The south canal, for drafts of the ships coming to the port, the north canal to clean the alluviums formed by 16 streams flowing into the bay. We took this step, we left politics aside, we said service and set off together. ”
-Thanks Minister Yıldırım for Koçoğlu
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the metro passenger capacity in İzmir will reach a minimum of 2 thousand people in 3-350 months, and the capacity of İZBAN will reach 500-550 thousand.
Stating that the rail system, which they have taken as 11 kilometers in Izmir, has increased to 9 kilometers and reached 94 kilometers, Kocaoğlu said that they aim to increase this to 188 kilometers.
Noting that the İZBAN Torbalı line will start operating within 1,5 years, the line will be extended to Selçuk on the southern axis of the line and to Bergama on the northern axis of the line. Karşıyaka The introduction of the tram line and the extension of the metro line is still the Narlıdere in Izmir, Turkey's largest rail network system which has hinted it would reach a level that can not be competitive in this field.
Stating that Minister Yıldırım has great support and effort in all rail system projects of İzmir, Kocaoğlu stated that he has presented his thanks to him and therefore, Konak and Karşıyaka also requested support for the inclusion of tram line projects in the investment program.
Tcdd General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the 26-kilometer Torbalı-Selçuk line in the Izmir Suburban System has reached the tender stage and the 52-kilometer Aiağa-Bergama project is in the stage of completion, and said, “To increase the length of İZBAN from 80 to 110 kilometers and then to 188 kilometers. The necessary road map has been drawn. ”
Following the speeches, the first rail source in the X-TRX line, which is 32 kilometers length and the total investment cost of 105 million pounds, was made by the Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım, and even the foundations of the construction of the lower and overpasses were laid.

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