facts not mentioned in the railway road and maritime transport in Turkey

facts not mentioned in the railway road and maritime transport in Turkey
* The preference for rail instead of road transport in Turkey, which is a requirement of the United States do to help Marshall (criteria) that,
*% Share of road transport in Turkey that 95 43% in the US,
* Turkey is not a transportation master plan,
* According to his study of Japanese experts, in 2050, Ankara will move 60 million passengers annually between Istanbul,
* In the current situation, the Ankara-Istanbul railway line is located in the district of Abdülhamit. is made as,
* The railway which was built in the time of Abdülhamit, was extended by foreign companies to take advantage of the rights of mine in the places where the railway passes, and that Atatürk wanted to correct this road in 1936
* Istanbul-Ankara electric train project was prepared in 1959 year,
* 1976 in 411 40 km as the tender of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line has completed XNUMX'in completed, but it is blocked, Mesut Yilmaz will not complete this line is a statement that the completion of this line in the absence of work and did not work for the completion of the line,
8 2003 725 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX has signed an agreement with Alarko to joint Spanish company to modernize the line.
* Between Ankara and Istanbul Dr İlyas Yılmazer prepared an electric railway project. According to this project 395 km. that the railroad will work with free energy from the Mudurnu tea with the tubular turbine and that this free energy can be carried out with 96 a day,
* At the time of Atatürk 4075 km. If the railway is being built, it is only 1510 km. the railway can be made,
* In Tokyo, high-speed trains (200 km / s), began to work in 1964 and so far these trains have no accident,
* 300 by bus 27 years ago (5 km) 6 by train, 3,5 hours by train, now it is 6 hours by bus from the distance, 50 hours by train (mean speed XNUMX km / hour),
* In the USA, France and Japan, the 450 km / h speed trains compete with air transport,
* 600 km / h speed electric trains are now being used, while 800 km / h electric trains are in the trial phase,
* That Turkey's road transport with 95% rate, the number of accidents between 195 12 countries. that is,
* Turkey in the years 10-12 thousand people died in traffic accidents on highways,
* Xnumx's% made in Turkey by train transport, in the case of the removal of the electric train 7%, the annual savings would be 30 billion dollars (Prof. Atif Ural)
* 15 thousand km. There are no feasibility studies, geological and geophysical surveys, urban transition plans, scientific evaluation, (Prof.Dr. Atıf Ural),
* Tarsus-Adana-Gaziantep between the road, the cost of the exploration, 360 million dollars, the length of the exploration 243 km, 1991 year of the projected end date, but this road 258 km, 2001 4,2 billion dollars in the year ended (Prof. Dr. Ilyas Yilmazer) ,
* Ten kilometers right and ten kilometers left of the motorways pass through the agricultural area due to pollution,
* Izmir, one of Turkey's most fertile plains Menemen middle of the plains, the project is preparing to spend highway, the highway would destroy the plains of 4 thousand acres of land,
* The passage of motorways through fertile plains is part of a plan to destroy Turkish agriculture,
* The grapes exported from the vineyards at the edges of highways passing through the plain are returned because they contain harmful substances,
* The km of high-speed rail. 1.4 million dollars of the life of the cost 30 years, miles of divided road. cost 1.5 million dollars, the life of 15 years is (Prof. Dr. İlyas Yılmazer),
* With the money spent on the Bolu Tunnel and viaducts (25 km) between Ankara and Istanbul, it can be done that the railway between Ankara and Istanbul will be reduced to 1,5 hours, and all the energy needs of this railway can be covered by the Mudurnu tea (Prof. Dr. İlyas Yılmazer),
* Bolu tunnel on the North Anatolian fault line,
* In Turkey, more than the total number in Europe, the buses and trucks,
* In the European countries, the lowest freight rate is 60, while the lowest rate is 80 in passenger transport by electric train.
* 1 km. 5 km. the railway will be built,
* The 5 to 10 unit on the highway has been transported by spending the 1 unit on the railway.
* One TIR from Batumi to Hopa 3 one thousand dollars, a carriage 2500 dollars carrying a fee, a carriage 3 TIR carry the load,
* Of railway transport, suggesting that the choice of the communist country Ozal, he served as president in Turkey
* 4 of Gaziantep-Adana between the highway to 25 billion dollars a day, the 2.500 bin is affordable for vehicle traffic, but only on this road XNUMX vehicle traffic,
* 3 hour between Istanbul-Ankara, Ankara-Mersin between the 3 hour if a railroad will be made if it cost 4 billion dollars,
* According to Japanese research, road transport is more expensive than 166 according to seaway,
* In our country, the share of sea freight in freight transportation is% 0.3,
* 300 billion dollars from the world maritime transport, Greece 60 billion dollars, while our share of 2,5 billion dollars, we can not even share,
* A country whose basic policies such as transportation, energy and education are inaccurate.

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