High Speed ​​Train Project Sapanca Increased Real Estate Prices

High Speed ​​Train Project Sapanca Increased Real Estate Prices
The Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train project, which is under construction, has increased Sapanca Real Estate Prices.
Upon completion of the project, which will reduce the number of 3 hours between Ankara and Istanbul, 533 kilometers long double-track high-speed rail lines will be installed independent of the existing lines. Within the scope of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT project, which is planned to be in service during the 2013 year, works are continuing at Sapanca, as it is on the whole route. Expropriation works continue in the area where the railroad passes through the district.
The fact that the YHT station in the region will be in Sapanca has caused the real estate prices in the district to increase significantly. The increase in the speed of the service of the rapid train service in the district is attracting the reaction of the real estate agents.
High Speed ​​Train project Sapanca Real Estate Tesa Real Estate Manager Emre Çelik stated that they were wrong to think that the high-speed train would bring the movement to the real estate market. Real estate sales would increase, both the buyer, the seller and the broker would be profitable, and Sapanca's real estate economy would rise, but we were wrong. Real estate owners disproportionately raise real estate prices in Sapanca, frightening both external investors and investors. Of course, the fair value will rise within the right. However, some real estate owners think that the high-speed train will pass through the middle of their land and pull up the prices as much as they can. So neither the seller nor the buyer or the broker are satisfied. Dol

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