speed trains in China has lowered 24 8 hours hour millet way to Turkey

speed trains in China has lowered 24 8 hours hour millet way to Turkey
Thanks to the 2.298-kilometer high-speed train line stretching from the north to south of China, the 22-hour road has been reduced to 8 hours.
The train, whose speed exceeded 300 km / h, took the distance between Beijing and Guangzhou in 8 hours. Old trains were going between 20 and 24 hours.
Indeed, China has made huge investments in its infrastructure in recent years. It will take its saddle in the coming period. Its economy will improve further. The second largest economy in the world is going to be the biggest economy in the world by leaving America behind 2-5 years later. The men are constantly producing concrete values ​​and developing their country. You have to congratulate.
I wish, though this speed rail network from anywhere in Turkey. For now, there are Eskişehir-Ankara, Ankara-Konya high speed trains. Efforts are being made to further develop this. A person who takes the train from Kars will be able to go to Europe by high-speed train. Marmaray is also made for this. I wish we had previously with lo railway in Turkey and we could not prevent this development. We took action on this matter, even if it was late, but we lost a lot of time.

Source: blog.milliyet.com.tr

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  1. During my trip to China in July 2013, I had the chance to travel with Maglev in Shanghai and YHT between Shanghai and Beijing. I was very impressed by what the Chinese achieved in railways and I was actually jealous. Shanghai-Beijing line 1316 km. This distance is exactly 5 hours 16 minutes. The speed was between 305-310 km. There was no vibration on the train and we moved on a concrete road line almost continuously. And we entered Beijing station just in time. Not only the road but the stations, ticketing systems were extraordinarily organized. People use in the corridor on trains (to prepare food) ) there were hot water taps, that water never ran out even though hundreds of people used it constantly. I remember that our trains often did not have water even for essential needs. Technology + management, Shanghai Airport Shanghai Maglev train fee 50rbm (Yuan) Operating speed 310 km / Everybody thinks Maglev is faster but the operating speed is almost the same as other Chinese YHT trains. Maglev tickets are just three from the airport. ogout office in Shanghai Maglev alınıyor.ancak the YHT-Beijing tickets by going online system I bought from China Tours from Turkey. The second location is 2 Yuan per person (with a service fee, it may be on sale). The stations built for YHT are dazzling. It looks like airports. Chinese citizens who buy their tickets online can display their chip and business card-sized IDs at the automatic booths and receive their tickets in a few seconds. Although there is a standard YHT departure every 553 minutes, I saw that trains depart in the same direction with a few minutes intervals during rush hours. The country that invested the most in China's railways. ourselves.
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