CHP District President drew attention to Ankara Metrobus Disgrace

CHP District President drew attention to Ankara Metrobus Disgrace
Gölbaşı, which was selected as the pilot area for the Metrobus application, which will be implemented for the first time in Ankara, suffered from the application. The indifference of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek to the reactions they have shown since the day this practice was introduced has enraged the citizens.
One of the reactions to this practice came from Ercan Şimşek, CHP Ankara Gölbaşı District Chairman. Şimşek said in the press release.
Dear Lakes
As you all know, a new application has been introduced in transportation between Gölbaşı and Ankara recently (Ankara Metrobus).
According to this practice, the main line is designated as AŞTİ in Ankara and HOSPITAL STATION in Gölbaşı, and our countrymen are required to use the second and third vehicle to reach their actual destination.
TOKI housing or Karşıyaka 3 is forced to change vehicles when a local living in the neighborhood wants to go to a central place like the Red Crescent or the nation.
Likewise, our fellow townspeople who live in a part of the center that can directly get on the main line have to make a transfer after AŞTİ when they arrive or come to Ankara.
This application, which is made with the claim that transportation will be more comfortable for Gölbaşı, is only efficient in terms of fuel consumption of the Metropolitan Municipality and it is obvious that it causes great time losses for our citizens. It is also unlikely that these short distances will be understood by predicting that citizens will be relieved by doing so.
Those who implement this practice with the logic of 'I did it' without thinking about it, will see how much longer the people of Gölbaşı are worthy of the persecution in the stops and their articulated buses (so-called metrobus).
This application should be terminated as soon as possible, which causes the convenient access to hospitals and schools to the central districts where a large part of Gölbaşı is going by.

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