Haydarpaşa looting Haydarpaşa solidarity

Haydarpaşa looting Haydarpaşa solidarity
The demand by the AKP to turn the public and urban historical site area of ​​45 million square meters in and around Haydarpaşa Train Station into a trade and business center brought the reaction. The group called Haydarpaşa solidarity to the Haydarpaşa plunder has been on duty every Sunday between 13.00:14.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX on the station stairs for XNUMX weeks, trying to keep this issue on the agenda.
On the previous day (Sunday, December 16), a group of people, albeit in limited numbers, had come to keep watch and inform the people passing by. They chanted slogans, sang songs, and the two young people accompanied this band with their guitars. Interestingly, on this winter's day, the newlyweds were taking pictures there with their wedding gowns and wedding gowns. With themselves sohbet They said that they wanted to have a souvenir photograph taken in front of this historical building that symbolizes Istanbul in these happy days. However, they did not know that Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surrounding would be turned into a hotel and a shopping center. Later, they also photographed the action.
As it is known, two years ago, a fire broke out on the roof of Haydarpaşa Train Station. It is not known exactly why. Then, TCDD, General Directorate of Railways, due to the work of the High Speed ​​Train project 1 February 2012 from Haydarpaşa Train Station and all mainline trains ended the voyage. The Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul also took a decision to provide culture and accommodation (hotel) services in the Haydarpasa Train Station. As a reason for this, ”the Marmaray project and Haydarpasa Station will remain functional,“ an opinion was expressed.
TCDD Board of Directors applied to 18 September 2012 for the evaluation of this region. Yavuz Demirkol, the President of the United Transport Union (BTS) affiliated to KESK, where public employees in railway services are organized, evaluated these developments as follows:
“With an area of ​​approximately one million square meters, Haydarpaşa Station is transformed into a rent area under the name of 'trade and tourism center' and it is desired to be placed under the command of national and international capital. TCDD management, which should be based on railway management, is in an effort to transform its station and its surroundings into rent. In addition, the public is misled by the lie that "Haydarpaşa Station will no longer be needed". However, leaving the main function of Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is the gateway of Istanbul to Anatolia, should never be considered to be closed to trains and the public. With an arrangement to be made within the scope of the Marmaray Project, train lines should be able to maintain its existence and historical continuity ”.
On the other hand, the draft law on the privatization of railways envisages that the right to use these services will be granted to local and foreign companies free of charge for the 49 yearbook in order to build and operate the railway infrastructure. So there are two kinds of looting, both Haydarpasa Train Station and its surroundings will be plundered, and railways will be taken to domestic and foreign companies. It should be said daha stop ”to this rain with louder and stronger participation Bu

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