Haydarpaşa port and Marmaray Üsküdara kazanwill he cry?

Haydarpaşa port and Marmaray Üsküdara kazanwill he cry?
Haydarpaşa Port is coming!
Haydarpaşa Port, which has a history of about 500 years, was built in 1899 when the need for a port arose. Later, due to the intense immigration of the city and the increase in population, it was stated that Haydarpaşa was stuck in the city and new plans were put forward. Following this development, planning studies for Haydarpaşa Station, Port and Back Field started. With the Haydarpaşa Port project planned since 2007, the Harem-Kadıköy It aims to build a tourism complex on an area of ​​1 million square meters, to fill 340 thousand square meters of sea area, to the area marina and club, cruise ship port, 5-star hotels, convention center, fairgrounds, commercial areas, shopping centers, offices, . In the past days, with a 1/5000 scale Haydarpaşa Train Station, Kadıköy The Proposal Master Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Surroundings was accepted unanimously. Thus, the tender and implementation works of the project whose plan arrangement has been completed will be started.
Marmaray will bring a thousand people to 70
Stating that with the Marmaray Project, which will open on October 29, 2013, there will be a circulation of 70 thousand people per hour in Üsküdar, Mustafa Kara said, “With the delivery of the project, our square, which has been closed for 7 years, will be delivered to us, and we will move the municipality building and the multi-storey car park to Çavuşder, and We will get large areas where they can travel and relax. Thus, the troubles that our tradesmen have faced up to this day will also come to an end. "We will have a bustling Üsküdar, where the traffic is underground and there is no transportation problem," he said.

Source : I ekonomi.haberturk.co

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  1. The most beautiful project should be built on this haydarpaşa harem line, that is, this place should be built with modern and high buildings in a way that will show the new face of Turkey, and shopping centers should be luxury restaurant hotels, so the state should pay huge taxes and money from here. kazanThere should be places where large tourist ships will approach, and luxury shops that will appeal to incoming tourists, namely small Singapore, should be built here. Green space should not be built and left to drunkards, such mentalities suffocate.