See the results of the planned quarry in Maşukiye | Maşukiye Quarry

See the results of the planned stone quarry in Maşukiye | Maşukiye Quarry
In order to reduce the cost of the contractor who made the road of High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which the government described as'l National Project İbrah and did not avoid any sacrifice, the reactions of the quarry (Maşukiye Stone Quarry) to be established in Maşukiye region continued, while the AKP's people, especially the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, support. The most beautiful answer to those who believe that the quarry in Maşukiye will not create environmental destruction will give this photo in GoogleEarth.
It is possible for those who do not believe that the stone quarry planned to be built at Maşukiye (Maşukiye Quarry) will scrape the lush vegetation, the color of the green will turn brown, the water will become dirty, and the tons of dynamite will be buried into a cloud of dust and dust by blowing a single button. Take a trip on the satellite of the GoogleEarth service, which has free access to the internet, in the Samanlı Mountains, and see the truth for yourself.
No one notices when viewed by the sea, but it is possible to see clearly how the long stone quarry on the ridges of the Halıdere has destroyed the green forest. Here is the green plant in Maşukiye today, this stone quarry will be established in the same mountain range, such as the neighboring carpet will be like. If the stone quarry in. Is swallowed by the beautiful mountain slope, it will swallow Maşukiye tomorrow (Maşukiye Stone Quarry).
When you click on the satellite of GoogleEarth, stop on the carpet. There will be İzmit Bay, Halıdere settlement on the coast and Samanlı Mountains. You will see the environmental damage caused by the quarry in the middle of the green mountains. A quarry of this quarry will take the place of today's lush vegetation when it is made in Masukiye, a few kilometers ahead of the same mountain range.

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