Gölbaşı-AŞTİ metrobus service began

Gölbaşı-AŞTİ metrobus service began
Gölbaşı-AŞTİ metrobus services have started for the 'pilot implementation of the buses' system.
Gölbaşı-AŞTİ metrobus services have started in the pilot application of the 'metrobus system with the metrobus', which provides fast and comfortable travel.
EGO General Directorate continues its efforts to make urban transportation more comfortable and fast. New applications are being implemented in order to provide the most efficient service to metrobuses that join the fleet of EGO, which has the most environmentally friendly fleet in Europe. One of these applications, the 'mobile system', now serves between Gölbaşı AŞTİ. With the metrobuses that shorten the time between Gölbaşı district and the city center, passengers started to move on the private metrobus road.
The citizens of Gölbaşı, who move to the metrobus from the neighborhoods by rings, continue without stopping from Mevlana Boulevard (Konya Road), which is 17 kilometers away from the specially allocated yellow line, and reaches AŞTİ. Thus, citizens of Gölbaşı have the opportunity to come to the city center in a very short time by metrobus express service from their neighborhoods. Citizens who use this system with the newly printed Metrobus Card do not pay for the second and third transfers after the first boarding within 75 minutes.
Authorities noted that the application is currently in the pilot stage, the problems identified in a short period of time, the citizens will continue to work to get better services, he said.

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