Giant Bridge and Highway tender resulted

Giant Bridge and Highway tender resulted
The tender for the $ 5.720 Billion Giant Bridge and Highway was concluded. The tender was won by the Koç Holding - UEM Group Berhard and Gözde Venture Capital owned by the Ülker group.
The final bargaining started, and the written offers were taken in the round.
The highest bid in the round of the tender was 3.83 billion dollars. In the first round of qualifying, Nurol Holding Inc. - MV Holding Inc. - Alsim Alarko Industrial Plants and Trade Inc. - Kalyon Construction Industry and Trade Inc. - Fernas Construction Cooperative Joint Venture Group bid farewell to the tender.
Autostrade Per I'Italia SPA - Doğuş Holding AŞ - Makyol Construction Industry Tourism and Trade Inc. - Akfen Holding AŞ Joint Venture Group withdrew from the tender.
KOÇ-UEM BERHAD-GÖZDE group has the highest bid with 5 billion 640 million dollars.
When Osman İlter, the Vice President of PA and the chairman of the tender commission, demanded that the proposal be increased to 5 billion dollars for 720 billion, KOÇ-UEM BERHAD-GÖZDE group offered 5 billion 720 million dollars.
The tender was for 5 billion 720 million dollars for Koç Holding, Malaysian UEM Berhad and Ülker's group for the group.
The transfer process will be completed after the approval of the Competition Authority and the Council of State.
Koç Holding Tourism, Food and Retail Group President Tamer Haşimoğlu made a statement on behalf of the consortium formed by Koç, Ülker's Gozde Initiative and Malaysian UEM who gave the highest bid with 2 billion dollars in the privatization tender of 8 motorway with 5.72 strait bridge and said that investment plans are ready . Haşimoğlu made a statement following the tender nam Our investment plan is ready within the scope of the tender specifications. 5 will make the desired investments in the year. X
Haşimoğlu stated that they are making the most necessary preparations for financing, 3. he also answered the bridge-related questions that the bridge was expected to be completed within the prescribed period. Haşimoğlu ayol 3 will realize the third bridge investment. All systems will be transferred to the new operator işlet.
In the rain of public investments, it came to highways and bridges. 25 will transfer the operation of motorways and bridges to private capital throughout the year and the final bargaining meeting of the tender which will be realized with a single package method has been made today. The tender for 5.720 Billion $ a Bridge and Motorway was won by Koç Holding - UEM Group Berhard Gözde Private Equity. Three-and-a-half years of privatization of the bridges and highways provided by the public 2.1 billion dollars, the tender price of the estimated 6 billion dollars remained below.
According to the current accounts, the number of bridges, tolls and vehicles 25 will remain stable throughout the year. When the tender price is deducted, the remaining figure will be around 15 billion dollars. If the average expenses are deducted from these figures, a net profit of approximately 9 billion dollars can be obtained.
The tender is under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways for construction, maintenance, repair and operation, together with the connection roads, Edirne-Istanbul-Ankara, Pozantı-Tarsus-Mersin, Tarsus Adana-Gaziantep, Toprakkale-Iskenderun, Gaziantep-Sanliurfa, Izmir. -Çeşme, İzmir-Aydın, İzmir and Ankara encompasses the transfer of the right of operation of the environmental motorways and Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Environmental Motorway and service facilities, maintenance and operation facilities, fee collection centers and other goods and services production units and assets. . The total length of bridges and highways to be privatized with the tender 1975 mileage.
3, which has not yet started to be built, but is designated for deployment. The bridge is currently out of bidding. After the completion of the planned bridge to Istanbul, it is foreseen to be transferred to the same company. It is expected that the consortium will increase the rate of 6 by the consortium.
The 3 consortium participated in the tender for bridge and highway privatization, one of the largest privatization operations. These are: Ortak Nurol Holding AS - MV Holding AS - Alsim Alarko Industrial Plants and Trade Co. - Kalyon Construction Industry and Trade Inc. - Fernas Construction Joint Venture Group -, Ticaret Koç Holding AS - UEM Group Berhad - Gözde Private Equity Investment Trust Joint Enterprise Group and Autostrade Per I'Italia SPA - Doğuş Holding A.Ş. - Makyol Construction Industry Tourism and Trade Inc. - Akfen Holding Joint Venture Group. The tender, scheduled for the first time in December 2011, was delayed four times at the request of the investors.
Customize to the grounds as "economic restructuring and transformation process which Turkey is undergoing a" showing, "privatization without additional income, increase productivity, decrease in accident rates, time and fuel saving, reduction of environmental pollution" are listed as privatization benefits.
There is no state linking the hand of the state in the areas of or reduction in accident rates, time and fuel savings and environmental pollution “. On the other hand, it is evident that the privatization of the private sector is presented to the private sector in the gold tray, as well as the pressures on the road workers under the name of sunul productivity increase iyor. KESK also drew attention to this danger with the statement he made, de We are against the privatization of bridges and highways both for the employees of highways and the interests of the people who benefit from this service. Bridges and highways should be free. It is not known how the employees of the institution will be evaluated. . Every year they sell bridges and highways connected to this institution with an increasing contribution to the budget, büt he said.

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