The First Domestic Tram Silkworm Landed on Rails


The first local tram silkworm was put on the rail: with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar Machines produced by Turkey's first indigenous tram rails indie silkworm.

Turkey's first indigenous tram passed the test of silkworm European accredited engineering organizations. It has completed the domestic tram production phase, which is the most important project of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe. The silkworm was brought to the rail at the private test center established in Burulaş. The silkworm has passed international tests with all its post-production parts. Turkey's first indigenous tram Silk beetle will make the first test drive of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Prime Minister Erdogan, who is planning to arrive in January 2013, will drive the first domestic tram on the streets of Bursa.

The tram called 'İpekböücü' started test drives in the region of Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management Industry Trade Inc. yesterday. With the completion of the 6.5 km line between the Central Garage and Sculpture, which is still under construction, 14 Silkworm will start serving this line. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to start mass production after passing international tests and getting the certificate, also includes the municipalities of provinces such as Istanbul, Konya, Kayseri, Antalya, Malatya and Samsun.


Greater Municipality Durmazlar The first local tram, produced in cooperation with machinery, was produced entirely by the design and hand workmanship of Turkish engineers. After the first vehicle, serial production will begin and the tram is reminiscent of the silkworm with its design inspired by the fact that Bursa is the starting point of the Silk Road. Standing and seated full capacity 250 people tram, fully loaded with 8.2 percent of the capacity to climb with the inclination of the Metropolitan Municipality project will work on all urban lines. Thanks to the laser control system, it will be determined whether there is an object on the rails or if there are defects on the rails. The laser control system will automatically stop the tram even if the driver does not intervene.

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