Is Boluya fast train coming?

Is Boluya fast train coming?
AK Party deputy Ali Ercoşkun Bolu, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) launched by the Directorate General for the province 15 found the statement about High Speed ​​Rail Project. Ercoşkun gave a clear answer to the question of whether Bolu was involved in the newly created high-speed train projects.
TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, until 2016. More than 15 provinces will benefit from High Speed ​​Rail projects when completed will travel by train in Turkey's semi description, led to divide the high-speed train expectations.
Responding to the question posed to him in the national press yesterday after the statement found a wide presence in the AK Party Bolu Deputy Ali Ercoskun, the planned Adapazari-Ankara high-speed train project has not changed before, he said. In this project, Ercoşkun stated that the road route will be merged with Adapazarı from Ankara-Ayaş-Beypazarı-Çayırhan-Nallıhan-Mudurnu-Göynük-Taraklı-Geyve, while Bolu city center was not included in the new projects.
With this statement, Ercoşkun continued his speech by explaining the expectations of high-speed train falling into Bolu due to the declaration of Ercoşkun.

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