E Stopped Traffic on 5 Road

E-5 Highway Okmeydanı site has crashed the traffic in a chained car accident involving the 4 vehicle in the direction of Topkapı.
E-07.30 Highway Okmeydanı location in the 5 ranks of the accident occurred in the direction of Topkapı. According to the drivers involved in the accident, a driver in fluid traffic from the right lane through the middle lane stopped as a result of an accident occurred.
While the driver, which caused the accident, continued on his way, four vehicles coming from behind came together. In the accident without injuries, the 4-lane road in the direction of E-5 Highway Topkapı fell into a single lane. Traffic came to a halt in E-3.
The traffic extended to the Bosphorus Bridge due to the time of going to work. The traffic police coming to the scene opened the road by loading the accident vehicles to the tow trucks.

Source: HaberTürk



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