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Railroad news, the first thing that comes to mind at the news site Ray Haber 31.12.2012 1 will celebrate the age. 11 is proud to provide you uninterrupted service with more than 10.000 news, 10 annual railway news archive, 3000 company information and up-to-date news.
Turkey railway market of almost 1 years ago, we reached our target 70%. The next target to obtain an active part on behalf of other rail systems in the world market Turkey. English translation raillynews in collaboration with RayHaber Yakidna will be with you as a printed publication.
As Özen Media Group, which has been taking firm steps towards becoming a railroad magazine, we will soon provide information about the Ray Haber magazine, which will be released once a month at 2.
It will be possible to follow the tenders and tender results in our site where you can follow the news of all kinds of rail system in national and international platforms. 1 starts on trial 2011 on December RAYHABERis now the number one in the sector with its enriching content every day!

Prime Minister Erdogan announced plans to bring high-speed trains into 2023 city by 29 and promised to build 10 thousand kilometers of railways during this period. 45 is everything you're looking for in this big industry that is planned to invest $ billion RAYHABERYou will find.
2 operating in this field in Turkey and abroad more than a thousand companies will be indexed to our website. If you want to promote your company more effectively, please contact us:
Phone: + 90 224 441 0 414
Fax: + 90 224 441 0 818

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