CHP Sivas Provincial Chairman Karasu Tundasas said in the queue

CHP Sivas Provincial Chairman Karasu Tundasas said in the queue
The Republican People's Party (CHP) Sivas Provincial Chairman Ulas Karasu argued that following the Kangal Thermal Power Plant included in the scope of privatization, TÜDEMSAŞ was present and said ik I call upon all the political party provincial presidents and managers of the political party in Sivas. our values. Or tomorrow it will be too late and it will again be the losing Sivas. Yoksa
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CHP Chairman of Sivas Province Ulas Karasu urged the people of Sivas to claim the Kangal Thermal Power Plant and TÜDEMSAŞ, which he described as the target institution. A period of more than one thousand people working in the city of Sivas, which is one of the most important factories in the city of TUDEMSAS'ın defending Karasu, 'tomorrow may be too late,' he said.
Referring to the process related to the privatization of Kangal Thermal Power Plant, Karasu mentioned that TÜDEMSAŞ will follow; Tik We visited Kangal Thermal Power Plant a while ago. Currently, there are two public investments in the public investments in Sivas. One of them was included in the privatization of Kangal Thermal Power Plant. According to the statement of the Minister, I say, after the Kangal Thermal Power Plant, TÜDEMSAŞ.
In the early years of the Republic, Sivas was the province with the largest public investments. In the 1950 8 ranking of development in Turkey. Ranked. Nowadays, 50'lerde Sivas.
We have to examine the history of TÜDEMSAŞ. TÜDEMSAŞ, wagon State Railways needs in Turkey, a factory was established to meet the infrastructure needs. It is indeed a big industrial investment established with special instructions from Atatürk. 1977-1978 7-500-7-700-3-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX XNUMX-XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX shift work.
Think about it when the shift breaks. At that time, the population of Sivas is around 100 thousand and the 7 bin 500 works in a single factory. When the shift broke up, there was no product left on the street in Istasyon Street and Atatürk Street.
After 1980 unfortunately was closed, along with the power of ANAP went quickly to the Cer Workshop before the factory. Now it has come to TÜDEMSAŞ. They also close here, someone seems to destroy someone by pulling back to k he said.
A profitable institution like Kangal Thermal Power Plant was rendered inoperable and privatized. CHP provincial chairman Ulas Karasu claimed that TÜDEMSAŞ was also dismissed.
The people of Sivas to the Kangal Thermal Power Plant and TÜDEMSAŞ stating that the Karasu, the people working here tomorrow will go to other cities and the city will continue to give migration, he said.
Karasu; Ediy I invite the people of Sivas to take up our values ​​before some processes start.
Is the person taking TÜDEMSAŞ to take for investment purposes or to enlarge. Or does it destroy the factory and evaluate it as a residential and shopping center area?
Sivas public opinion on this issue is useful to be sensitive.
We went to Kangal Thermal Power Plant. This institution is a non-profit organization. 2010 profit 208 trillion (million), 2012 profit 199 trillion (million). This year, they changed the company in the coal operation. The new company 3 could not supply Kangal Thermal Power Plant during the month. Then we can not operate the factory, will reduce the value of the value below the sale. 5. When they were in the group, they quickly took the factory to the front and put it on sale.
There are about one thousand 400 people working. Along with coal enterprises. These people will be unemployed when Kangal Thermal Power Plant is gone. TÜDEMSAŞ employs a thousand 300 people. When TÜDEMSAŞ goes, these people will be unemployed or go to other cities.
So Sivas, will continue to shrink. Who stays in Sivas? If we don't get employment, if it's not work. What is the purpose for people to live? If there is no job, education, health problems, what is the meaning of people living in that city? People will migrate to the cities where their bellies will be.
TÜDEMSAŞ also seems to be moving towards it. All of our friends who do politics on this issue should act together. Unfortunately, our minister says that. Kangal Thermal Power Plant has made a statement about the closure. Then he came to TÜDEMSAŞ and made a statement.
First, after the Kangal Thermal Power Plant, the people of Sivas must be owned by TÜDEMSAŞ. I speak to the public of our provincial presidents and all the political parties in the union and togetherness. our values. Otherwise tomorrow will be too late, and again losing Sivas' he said.

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