Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum (Video and Picture)

Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum
For those who like a train on the way to the museum and train modelers Selçuk'u (Izmir) approximately 10km after the road passes through Çamlık Village. After entering the village, you can see the signboard of Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum where the TCDD's veteran steam locomotives are gathered on the right side of the road that goes down the light ramp.
The museum is not visible at first glance and the inside of the museum, which is not visible from the outside, is on the main road, not on the side street. Contrary to my guess, a well-kept and pleasant environment is prepared, green all around. Various vehicles and tools are used in the museum, especially veterans, steam locomotives, wagons, cranes and railways. There is also a railway section. The railway adventure of our country, which we can not live with iron nets, is briefly explained with historical photographs.
Although the locomotives in Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum are not very well maintained, it is very nice to be protected at least in a museum. The road is a place to pass through and enthusiasts must visit.


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