Burulaş Silent raising without a raise

Burulaş Sessiz silently raises: BBP Bursa Provincial Chairman Ömer Ünsal, Burulaş Sessiz, has been making a raise since January 2012. It says healing hike in its name. He said that the 10 kuruş hike was small, but it was approximately 19% in a year, and it was made at a very high rate of inflation.
BBP Provincial Chairman Unsal, the citizens already paid more fees due to the transfer, he said. He stated that he was going away with the hikes under the name of this improvement at the minimum wage earners.
Unsal, Burulaş Sessiz is making a hike (Bursa Metropolitan Municipality), as of December 7, 2012, he made the transportation hike by fine tuning the transportation. However, we learn this hike from these card machines, not by announcing. Why doesn't Burulaş advertise this as it used to be? So, they themselves are not satisfied with these hikes. Burulaş said that with this increase, he will generate an additional income of 1 thousand liras in 600 month.
It is not known which hikes are determined according to the criteria.
BBP Bursa Provincial president Unsal, Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) inflation values ​​that determine 6% - municipalities while 7 does not reflect reality are worth değilim.y understand they are determined by what this hike or municipalities are determining in order to obtain revenue by arbitrarily price. We wonder what criteria these hikes determine.
Unsal, municipalities hand out of the pocket of the citizen never leaves. As it is known, the minimum wage earners and civil servants can not give the red doomsday when they say a raise and the CPI rates of WPI come into play and hike rates are determined.
In any case, none of them are concerned about a raise.
These rates, which we know are shown to be low, are not necessarily reflected in natural gas and fuel. Now, the transportation hike in this way Bursalılar reportedly crushed under hikes.

Source: Manşetaltı

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 15:58

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