Bursa has a historic start with high speed train

Bursa has a historic start with high speed train
The groundbreaking ceremony of the project, which will bring Bursa to high-speed train, will be held yesterday, and the historical day will be mentioned in many aspects.
The railway which existed many years ago but was dismantled later, is being rebuilt with today's technology.
Although 3 is given a year later X
Bursa may face disruption in time and extension of time in urban projects, technical, environmental and legal issues can be marked by the process.
Therefore ...
With the urban projects, the time is harder for Bursa to enter another and new tiring process. We wish the high-speed train project to be completed in such a fast process.
Faruk Celik, Minister of Labor and Social Security, who was transferred to Şanlıurfa as a deputy from Bursa, was unable to stay away from such a ceremony and chair.
Çelik showed that it was in Bursa with its tie in green and white colors and 2. He emphasized that Abdulhamid's dream was an ideal of Ataturk.
In order to include Bursa in the high-speed rail transportation, Çelik, who has also been involved in the previous parliamentary period, gave important messages for his city.
In the bridge project to be constructed in Izmit Bay, it has raised the necessity of not taking the railway line into consideration and clearly brought the necessity to the stand.
Necati Şahin, President of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, was also given attention by the steel for his city and a new target for the city.
Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım also explained the high speed train connection for Izmir-Bursa-Istanbul.
Yildirim, the mayor of the city of Izmir, which is said to be nominated for the mayor of the central government investments, while often spoken, there was the message of Izmir. Steel, in the near future care of Bursa, Turkey's 3. He said there will be a big city.
Yildirim, who came to the city where the government has high expectations, in the face of ambitious iron transportation policy and investments, stated that the high-speed train project would be done with the latest technology and said that they would compensate the last time.
State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç also reminded that they had announced the promised 100 target project for Bursa during the general election period and said that the high-speed train project was started.
Previously, 2 was a deputy from Bursa in the period and he expressed his contribution to the project and also shared his thanks message.
You Şahabbet Governor Harput, Bursa in the Marmara locomotive as a defining center and the development of Turkey, said that leverages the high-speed train.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, especially "Imagination, is becoming a reality," he said, with a high-speed train line in Bursa, said that a longing would end.
Yildirim, the CHP, which is carrying out the train struggle for Bursa, did not forget the former deputy Kemal Demirel.
Demirel, who was among the guests, interpreted it as a railway lover, and thanked for the contributions of the process.
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