Who is the scapegoat on the problem of public transportation in Bursa?

Who is a scapegoat on the problem of public transportation in Bursa
And so in practice.
He's got the target.
They see him as responsible.
This is because of his own mistake or the need to save by the severity of management and management has undertaken such a mission.
As is known, there is a public transportation problem in Bursa.
A big problem.
Although it has been designated as the main transportation element many years ago, there are still buses with alternative rail system.
And the vans.
So, there are vehicles with tires running on the same route together with Bursaray.
However, these vehicles on the same route, not feeding passengers to Bursaray'a transport lines.
There are also those who use routes in the city that need to be cleared of vehicles.
As in the case of sculpture.
I do not count the traffic density of service vehicles.
They're a separate discussion.
Let us return to private public buses and minibuses.
For us, the entire public transport should be under public control, but in Bursa it is not possible.
The existing structure does not allow it.
As such, neither the citizens are satisfied with this system nor the representatives of the private sector of transportation.
Citizen, the target of a better quality and cheaper system of private transportation representatives want to make more money and the municipality cuts due to the low price policy, they say they come to the point of end.
To do this, they will perform all kinds of actions, including burning buses.
According to them, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy is responsible for this system.
I mean, they know the scapegoat Fidansoy.
This is extremely wrong.
Because it is pure to see Fidansoy in a position to make decisions alone.
After all, we're talking about an assigned manager.
Am I right?
As a result, it is useful to think more deeply than to blame Fidansoy.
In this regard, Bursa public opinion, in particular, Recep Altepe, mayor of Bursa.
So instead of blaming Fidansoy alone, you should blame all of Bursa.
Nevertheless, there should be determination in the political power and public administration as a whole.
There must be consensus on this issue.
Political conflicts should not be imposed on this issue.
Let's see how this giant issue will be solved.
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