Bursa T1 Tram stop decision (special news)

Bursa T1 Tram is also surprised: ın The owners of the minibuses, which have been working on the Sculpture-Garage line for years, made the application and demanded the cancellation of the tram line project, which was contracted as T1. In the trial of the dolmuşçular, the court stopped the execution due to the ”lack of legislation Dol.
Bursa 2. Administrative Court in the file Niyazi İlgün, Ayten Ince, Berkan Ak, Yunus Yildirim, Nurettin Ozturk, Ethem Ozballi, Emine Ertem, Ibrahim Ozen, Kadri Inan, Fatih Flower, Mümin Kabsız, Talip İlgün, Yavuz Türkan, Muhsin Şimşek, Raife Yıldız, İsmail Özen, Adem Yılmaz, Suat Terk, Cevdet Arıkkaya, Ahmet Alp, Zekeriya Ertürk, Ertuğrul Tan, Kayaali Devrim, Mehmet Öztürk, Lütfi İnce, Sefer Tülek, Emrullah Tülek, Hüseyin Dönmez, İbrahim Çapkınlar, Muhammet Garip are the plaintiffs.
30 plaintiff who operated the dolmus in the sculpture-garage line, Bursa 2. In the case of the suspension of the execution in the Administrative Court, they asked:
"City Square-Sculpture (T1) Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's decision dated 1 on the approval of the 1/1000 scale implementation zoning plan change to the Bursa T19.04.2012 Tram Line route project is far from explaining that it will not have consequences against the society."
”The main purpose of the municipality is to create a uniform transportation system that will control and profit itself. Kendis
Bursa 2. Another technical issue emerged in the decision of the Administrative Court.
In the decision, the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was sent to the Preservation Board of the Bursa Cultural Heritage and the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, and the Protection Region Board gave the appropriate decision on the 21.06.2012 day. gönder highlighted.
At this point…
Atıl atıl It is understood that the plan changes were suspended between the dates of 31.7-31.8 2012 when it was not approved by the Ministry and still not approved Bakanlık. It is recalled that the plan change should be announced on the Internet for 30 days after the approval of the Ministry.
And then Sonra
It is decided that the commencement of construction before these processes are completed will result in doğ compensatory and impossible damages zarar:
Stopping the execution.
It was a surprise for the construction of the tram that the dolmuşçular opened a decision to stop the execution of the case.
The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe said:
Merkezi The main stop of the tram and the maintenance center in Kültürpark. This is the site of the SİT Protection Board approval is required. The Council approved the decision and sent it to Ankara. But the Ministry has delayed approval. Ama
He gave the following information:
“There is no problem with the project. It's about Culture Park. I talked to the Ministry. They said it was a mess. They will immediately approve the decision, the justification of the court will disappear. Kar
- maz This decision does not stop the tram “-
Bursa 2. The decision of the Administrative Court to stop the execution of the construction of the tram will affect the construction of the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said:
. Regarding the court order plan legislation, there is no problem with the project. We started construction to prevent the loss of time, now the approval of the Ministry is coming. Zaman
He stressed:
Ilgili The decision is about the S Park area Kültürpark. There's no such problem on the streets. Therefore, this decision does not stop the tram and continues construction. Le

Source :  Ahmet Emin Yılmaz

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