Bombardier industry accounted for investments in Turkey

Bombardier industry accounted for investments in Turkey
Turkey has made in recent years by the railway and investments will make up to 2023 years, Bombardier Transportation is being carefully monitored. In the 2008 Industry Development company opened offices in Istanbul it is looking hot to invest in Turkey.
Offering intelligent transportation solutions in more countries in the world that xnumx't Bombardier Transportation, hot looking to invest in Turkey. Our magazine Bombardier speaking Transport Transportation Technical Consultant Nezihi Erturk and Global Procurement Office Team Leader Esra Ozen, Turkey emphasized the importance of the recent years in the railway field in his investments and remarkable breakthrough.
Turkey's reminiscent of 2023 years until the railway project to be invested in dollar 20 billion Nezihe Erturk, "sustainable Bombardier, the operator in favor of changing it according to the old rules of today's needs, operators in the Turkish transportation sector by offering innovative rail solutions, and we're looking to establish strategic cooperation with relevant organizations. Turkey, fast trains, rail and public transport potentially huge market with investments in rail transport system. We aim to participate in all these projects with our worldwide experience Biz.
as Bombardier Transportation, Turkey's first subway system Erturk reminded that they established 1995 years in Ankara, Istanbul Following this project, Eskisehir, Izmir, Adana and light rail and tram systems in Bursa successfully said they had life. Indaki This office aims to identify and develop potential Turkish manufacturers who can make long-term cooperation with Bombardier's projects in the world market, proj said Ertürk in 2008.
Railroads in Turkey underlines the increasingly become more popular Erturk, they followed developments in Turkey very closely related to railways and said they viewed. Bombardier Transportation Referring to the importance of the Global Industry Development Office, established in Turkey Erturk, said the work they do in Turkey through the office supply industry (Bombardier investments accounted for industry in Turkey). "We have received investment in Turkey on the agenda," said Erturk, "Therefore we are trying to create an industry in Turkey. You cannot manufacture in a non-industrial industry. However, you have to be able to guarantee competitive and Bombardier quality manufacturing to start domestic production and you should be able to deliver the goods in the desired time. Ancak
Bombardier's production, he said very warm look underlines Ertürk of Turkey include: "Bombardier is accounted for as investment industry in Turkey have begun the preparation for it. As before, after that we will be much more active in Turkey. We can do it ourselves if production in Turkey, we can also through partners. This is clear. The most appropriate and most competitive solution on the basis of the project is that we act in the same way. We have now supplied railway systems to more than 60 countries around the world. Our manufacture is in Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, USA, China, Czech Republic. We can manufacture all over the world. This is a completely professional approach. I can give you a more competitive solution, where you can provide better quality service, this is important. At that time, there are situates them. "It 15 years ago, Turkey will make high-speed train or subway business Ertürk pointed out that domestic companies have, thanks to emerging markets in the rail, he said do the job of several Turkish construction firms in Asia and Africa.
Stating that the 75 of Europe's electric locomotive market is in the hands of Bombardier, Ertürk said that they are world leaders. Noting only Bombardier should be considered as a manufacturer, Ertürk emphasized that they are a company that designs and develops technology. Kendis We are the world leader in locomotives, inin said Erturk. In other areas we are either the leader or the second. Both in terms of technology development, manufacturing and product making, Hem he said.
Stressing that the luxury of such a project was not to enter in Turkey Erturk, the rail system in Turkey, underlined that the huge demand. Stating that the railway markets in China and Russia have great potential, Erturk said that in recent years China and Russia have invested billions of euros in the high-speed train. In Europe, Ertürk explained that modernizing or extending the existing lines of cities.
ESRI ÖZEN: "We are sending from Turkey to WAGON PARTS MANUFACTURING in the US"
Bombardier Transportation's Global Purchasing Office Team Leader Esra Ozen while noting the importance of the Global Industry Development Office, established in Turkey, said: "We started a few years ago to investigate the rail potential in Turkey. We have seen significant potential in this regard for domestic suppliers because we see significant potential. Therefore in 2008 we established a purchasing office in Istanbul. This office is investigating suppliers throughout Turkey. We are developing suppliers and we are trying to raise them to Bombardier level. Because we attach great importance to quality, we provide technology assistance from our suppliers to this level of quality. Ultimately we bring to Bombardier level and gives parts suppliers in Turkey our projects around the world. These are the parts that are needed on every train. Internal wrapping on the train, various metal, mechanical components. If appropriate industry in Turkey where we're going. We made a very important part 3-4 purchases from Turkey last year. For example, a piece can go from Turkey to manufacture cars in the United States. Creating own infrastructure in Turkey for producing a kind of movement we can say.

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Every year, high-speed rail sector, the European leader in the growing Turkey. Investments in railways, which take this speed from high-speed trains, continue to increase. In addition, with the investments made for transportation in the city, the stars of many of our companies making domestic production shine. It is proud that Turkish high-speed tren national train ”production has been started in addition to the companies producing domestic tram, light rail and subway vehicles. We are very happy to be in this proud table.

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