Arkas: Railway adds value to the port

Lucien Arkas, ARKAS Holding Chairman of the Board, pointed out that the Port of Antalya cannot be used sufficiently and said, “The railway is a must for Antalya Port to become more functional”.
Antalya Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association's 18th Annual meeting of the "Logistics Industry and the Port of Antalya in Turkey" were evaluated. ANSİAD President H. Ergin Civan, in his speech at the meeting, said that the port plays an important role in Turkey's future.
significantly contribute to ports in Turkey pointed out that the export of mercury, "Turkey is targeting exports of $ 2023 billion in 500. This increases the importance of the ports one more time. ”
Noting that Antalya Port is important in terms of both tourism and trade, Civan stated that Antalya, which has a different value between Icel, Izmir and Antalya ports, is a must for a more efficient operation.
ARKAS Holding Chairman Lucien Arkas, who attended the meeting as a guest, gave information about the history of port transportation and explained that 87 percent of the portable goods in the world today are land-sea and land-rail.
Pointing out that the Port is not used enough in Antalya, Arkas said, “Railway is a must for Antalya Port to become more functional. All townspeople must insist on rail. It is undoubtedly an expensive investment. So increase your insistence even more. The railroad adds value to both Antalya and the port. ”
Stating that Turkey's Arkas has a large surface area, so it was reported that more attention should be given to rail transport.
Emphasizing that Antalya has the necessary potential for development and entrepreneurship, Arkas said, “If you have an airport, it will be a plane, if there is an airplane, it will be a passenger. No company can say 'you find the passenger and I send the plane'. Likewise, the ship calls the load. The cargo cannot bring the ship. If you have a sea, use it. We have to connect Antalya to the world in this way. ”
Noting that Russia bought fresh fruits and vegetables from Antalya, Arkas stated that transportation with containers is 2 thousand dollars cheaper than the truck. Explaining that the product goes healthier from the port than the highway, Arkas said that refrigerated containers can be used for cut flowers and citrus fruits.
Stating that it is necessary to open up to more foreign countries in order to be successful in exports, Arkas asked for an unity of cooperation from Antalya investors. Providing information about ARKAS Holding, Arkas noted that 6 thousand 800 people work within its body and 75 percent of the Turkish container fleet belongs to them.
In addition, Lucien Arkas stated that the importance of cruise tourism should be given importance in Antalya. Saying that Antalya has many places to visit, Arkas said: “Investment is required in cruiser tourism. Make investment, a few tourists will stay here and the tourists visiting the region will come automatically. ”

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