Artvin cable car project implemented by the Governor's Office

Artvin cable car project implemented by the Governor's Office
Governor Kalkan: ni In order to solve the transportation problem in Artvin, we have implemented the Artvin cable car project as the Governorate.
Artvin Governor Necmettin Kalkan, Artvin to solve the problem of transportation as the Governorate of the cable car project was implemented.
The Governor of the Artvin Polisevi breakfast, as well as Deputy Governor Yilmaz Kurt Yilmaz, Chief of Police Husrev Salmaner, Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Orhan Yazici, Director of National Education Mustafa Yanmaz and the district headmen of the central district and village headmen attended.
Governor Kalkan, in his speech here, stated that the term of his office in Artvin passed by about 1.5 year, “During this time while dealing with the general problems of the province on the one hand, on the other hand, tried to pay close attention to the problems of the villages. Last year we made 32 miles asphalt, this year we've taken the 38 kilometers. We will be in an effort to increase this in the coming years. Bunu
Expressing that one of the biggest problems of Artvin is education, Governor Kalkan said:
“We signed the protocols required for the construction of 3 schools, including the center. One of them is Imam Hatip High School with 24 classrooms in Hopa district. It is a very original project with its dining hall and gym. The other one is a beautiful project with 16 classrooms in Murgul district. In the center, we will start building an education campus on 36 decares of land we received from the Regional Directorate of Forestry. There will be a 200-person dormitory, which we will tender this year, and a secondary school building. We will have the construction of Ayhan Şahenk Anatolian Girls Vocational and Technical High School with 24 classrooms for Doğuş Holding. The protocol has been signed, construction will begin in the coming days. Apart from that, we have the construction of the Health Vocational High School that continues with the Special Administration facilities. We have a 12-class primary school in Murgul. We have a primary school in Yusufeli Sarigol with 12 classrooms. In Arhavi and Hopa this year, we put 100 dormitories for students this year. In Borcka, the tender for 200 students' dormitories and site delivery were made. We will start construction next year. We will start the construction of a 100-person dormitory in Murgul. We say education, it is not possible to find a solution without accommodation without a dorm. We put a kindergarten into service in Artvin. We are starting the construction of Hopa. ”
Atabarı Ski Center's energy problem, through the Association of Services for the Village Service to transfer the governor of the Governor of the Kalkan, said: ı The chairlift is about to end, with the end of the Artvin bin 200 meters long ski slopes will have. The next goal is to extend the ski run to ensure a longer runway. But the energy problem was a big problem. We solved this in a short time such as 1.5 months. Bunu
In order to solve the transportation problem in Artvin, Governor Kalkan, who stated that they have implemented the ropeway project as the Governorate, said:
Üniversite The biggest problem of the university campus in Seyitler is transportation. I understood that we could not reach a conclusion in our meeting with the cooperatives. I have started Artvin ropeway project by saying that this is a solution and a value for the city. We procured the project prepared by the Provincial Special Administration with the resources we obtained from the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency. This week the project will be delivered to us. We will also carry out the construction tender in the next process. We had an interview with Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We will carry out this project to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications with the support of our President. In this way, we will solve the transportation problem and add tourism value to Artvin. It's not like we're playing with anyone's bread. Please don't take this as a 'fight against minibus tradesmen'. Their earnings are sacred to us. But it is our priority for our students who are studying at the university to reach their education slots from where they stay in the cheapest, safest way. Ama
The head of the Mukhtar Association, Cafer Azizağaoğlu thanked the Governor Kalkan for his kind invitation and expressed the problems in his village. Muhtarlar also asked for help from the governor of the neighborhood and village of Kalkan to solve the problems.

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