Tramway In Antalya: 1 Injured

Tramway In Antalya: 1 Injured
Due to the tram route, the tram crossed the tram from the area where pedestrian access was prohibited.
At the entrance of the underpass, which was closed to pedestrians due to the tram route in Antalya, the tram hit the person who tried to cross the road (Tram Crash in Antalya).
According to the information obtained, the Tram accident in Antalya hit Zeki Uzun, who was trying to cross the road at the entrance of the Vatan Junction tram underpass, where pedestrians were prohibited.
Uzun, who hit his head first on the tram and then on the concrete floor with the impact of the impact, and part of his body remained under the tram, was removed from the place where he was by the ambulance team and was taken to Akdeniz University Hospital.
Due to the accident, tram routes interrupted about 30 minutes.
It was reported that Uzun's condition was serious and an investigation was initiated regarding the accident.

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