The first day of pain in Ankara Metrobüsü

The first day of pain in Ankara Metrobüsü
Transportation started on Konya Road with the special Ankara Metrobus line, which has been implemented today. Many drivers continued to drive in the lane reserved for BRT, while passengers complained about the transfer.
In Ankara, the "bussed system" application started by the EGO General Directorate on the private Ankara Metrobus road. Metrobuses, which started to carry passengers on a 17-kilometer route on Mevlana Boulevard (Konya Road), had a hard time from time to time. The metrobuses, which sometimes had to change lanes due to jammed traffic, vehicles parked on the metrobus road and road works, moved along with other vehicles on the road separated by the yellow line allocated to them. Despite the traffic signs on the Konya Road indicating that other vehicles are prohibited from entering the metrobus route, it was seen that many vehicle drivers were on the private metrobus route.
Ethem Yildiz, Deputy Director of EGO 1, underlined that the BRT system was implemented to prevent bus crowds in Kizilay and Ulus:
“With 19 metrobuses placed on the Gölbaşı line, we can transport more vehicles. Thanks to express metrobuses departing every 5 minutes, the service time has been reduced in half. Our only problem at the moment is that citizens do not want to transfer and pay the transfer fee. However, no transfer fee will be charged to our passengers using the newly issued BRT card. We also have citizens who are satisfied with the new system, and we will conduct a satisfaction survey about Ankara Metrobus in the upcoming times.
Traffic police on the Konya Road also said that they did not impose fines for the vehicles going on the bus, and he gave the following information:
Or On Konya Road, sometimes the flow of traffic falls on the 3 lane, and when you split it into a metrobus, traffic is automatically blocked. No sanctions have been made yet and drivers use this lane, but if the metrobus lane is accepted as a safety lane in Istanbul, drivers will have to pay 600 TL traffic tickets. Henüz
Sercan Sağmen stated that metrobuses were very comfortable and comfortable and he continued:
Lar I'm a student, we don't even know that there is a metrobus card, they're tiny in the stops. We're comfortable but the transfer is much more. I
Stating that he left the Gölbaşı at 9.20 in the morning, Yaşar Arı stated that he had been on the road for an hour and said: “It was a problem to go to Kızılay, there is a continuous transfer and it takes longer than before. We are going on an intercity journey, not to Kızılay. They are called Express Metrobuses, but these vehicles stopped at every stop on the road.

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