Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project (Video)

Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project
The Ankara Istanbul Express Train Project includes the new 533 km long 250 km / h speed independent, all-electric and signal-free new double-track high-speed railway construction.
With the completion of the project, Ankara-Istanbul will be reduced to 3 hours. It is aimed to increase the share of the railway from 10 percent in passenger transportation on this route to 78 percent. Our Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line is integrated with Marmaray and provides uninterrupted transportation from Europe to Asia. will come to the position. With this project that connects the two largest cities of our country, social, economic and cultural shopping between cities will increase and will be ready with the transportation infrastructure of our country, which is in the process of membership of the European Union.
The project 10 consists of separate parts;
• Ankara-Sincan: 24 Km
• Ankara-High Speed ​​Train Station
• Sincan-Esenkent: 15 Km
• Esenkent-Eskişehir: 206 Km
• Eskişehir Railway Station
• Eskişehir-İnönü: 30 Km
• Inonu-Vezirhan: 54 Km
• Vezirhan-Köseköy: 104 Km
• Köseköy-Gebze: 56 Km
• Gebze-Haydarpaşa: 44 Km
Ankara Istanbul Fast Train Project will be completed in two stages. The first stage of the project, the Ankara-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Line, was launched in 2009. The second phase of the project, the Eskişehir Istanbul line, is under construction. The foundation of Köseköy-Gebze Stage was laid on 28.03.2012.
The 44 km Gebze-Haydarpaşa section of the line will be built within the Marmaray Project as it will be transformed into a superficial metro with the Marmaray Project.
Sincan-Esenkent and Esenkent-Eskişehir Lines were opened.


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