High Speed ​​Train Project in Kayseri

High Speed ​​Train Project in Kayseri
AK Party Kayseri Deputy Yaşar Karayel, High Speed ​​Train Project in Kayseri said that the work of the additional project.
Kayseri deputies Yaşar Karayel, Ahmet Öksüzkaya and İsmail Tamer evaluated the ongoing investments in the city at a press conference held at the AK Party Provincial Directorate.
Karayel, deputies of Kayseri as they follow every moment of the investments and they continue to work harmoniously expressed.
Giving information about the work of the highways, Karayel stated that a re-arrangement will be made at the intersection of Kayseri-Ankara and Kayseri-Niğde highway, which connects Kayseri with the western provinces.
Stating that the road and bridges in Boğazköprü have expired, Karayel said, “Necessary measures have been taken for bridges so far, but a new project tender is being prepared. When the project is over, a tender will be made for the construction of this place. In the transportation of the city, a safer road will be constructed towards the west with three exits. There will be 3-lane roads, traffic will be relaxed, signaling will be organized. ”
Touching on the High Speed ​​Train Project, Karayel said, “The works of the additional project related to Kayseri continue. The project on the main line between Ankara-Kırıkkale-Yozgat is being rearranged ”.
- "Are you important illerinde Turkey's Health" -
Ismail Tamer deputy, as of last month, a new transformation in health, stating that, the General Secretary of the Public Hospitals Union reminded me of taking office.
Tamer stated that regional hospitals in the ongoing study, "are one of Turkey's major cities of Health. The rumors about the regional hospital do not reflect the truth. Depending on the ground work in the project, the strengthening of the foundation continues. ”
Deputy Ahmet Özisizkaya said that the new courthouse, which has a closed area of ​​49 thousand square meters, is expected to be completed on February 16.

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