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📩 25/11/2018 16:01

Years ago, a fellow countryman came out and said, "Adana is the light rail system built in Adana, not the metro".
Not too long, Adana "Light Rail Fashion" wrapped.
We are smart people who cut our minds in every subject. Especially by laughing under the whiskers and cutting their eyes,
Iler What a subway, honey, this is the Adana Light Rail System, met they said.
At that time I was catching my attention; also managed to laugh at the whiskers and whiskers under the mustache ları
The funniest part is that some of the municipal experts at the other end of the workhorse didn't give rope when comparing the light rail to the heavy rail system.
I say with sincerity (actually I write, what I said), a friend that I value a lot and I'm not going to journalism of dust.
I got a feeling of intense feeling like being in a state of hiding, and once again I needed clarification.
Ours is light rail.
Kayseri is not like ours, Konya's light rail systems.
Istanbul's, Ankara's light rail Ankara
How is it?
It goes like this:
Sparrow is a bird. Eagle is the bird.
So when you say tür bird lı, you can think of different species of birds with lots of wings. Here, kimlik Bird ”is the upper identity.
What they call the kimlik Light Rail System tıp is a Ray Bird ”identity. Under the bird, how the sparrow, if there is an eagle, under it, such as Kayseri, Konya tram and also Istanbul, Adana, Ankara, such as Metro.
The metro is also a light rail system.
Although there are many different products such as cherry and watermelon fruit, there are serious differences between subway and tram.
If a rail system serving in the city and its suburbs is operating on a completely unique line and at no point is the route of other city vehicles, this is a subway. So, the subway red light, yellow light, green light would not say. The tram stops in the red, passes through the green. So it's transmitted to other tools. There is no level crossing on the metro rails. Other vehicle paths either go over or over.
In Istanbul, they set up a bus system less than traffic clutter. They called it Metrobus. This is because it has a route that does not coincide with other vehicle routes and its metropolis originates from this.
I would argue that it is a light rail system to Adana, but it is also the 100 metro. It is not a tram.
How is that a sparrow is a bird but it is also a hundred percent sparrow, or a cherry is a fruit while it is a hundred percent cherry, so ser
As you can see, it is Metro like honey made in Adana and it is light rail system like pekmez. But, it is never a tram. Is the quantity and quality of the metron now understood?

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