When are new trams coming to Konya?

It was now a necessity to improve the technical and technological improvements of the trams, which suffer greatly from urban public transportation. Konya Metropolitan Municipality has started to work to improve the trams, albeit late, and a tender was held for new trams in Konya in recent months. It was a matter of curiosity when the new trams will come and when they will be put into service.
In the statement made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the tender process regarding the purchase of 60 modern trams continues within the framework of legal regulations, and the process of arrival of trams to Konya will start with the completion of the tender.
While there is no clear information about when the tender will be completed, it is stated that new trams can be used on existing rails and no changes will be made on the tracks.
What will be the difference between the new trams and the new trams, the technical equipment of the new trams are among the topics discussed in Konya public opinion. Following the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was informed that the new trams would be the last model, the air conditioned, the 100 would be low-based and bidirectional.

Source: HelloHaber

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