Description of the TCDD: Fire Out Train Not Fast Train!

The Train Arriving at the Fire Is Not High-Speed ​​Train: TCDD made a statement today on the news titled basın Fire on the fast train “, which was published in some media outlets.
Today, in some media, al fire on the fast train “has been published.
It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.
1-Event, 26 17.45 on December, the Denizli-Izmir flight of the regional train, the rear engineer cabin consists of a fire for yet unknown reasons.
2- The regional train was taken to Nazilli Gar and the fire was extinguished and the maximum precaution was taken to prevent any damage to the passengers.
3- The train in question is not a ”high-speed train söz as alleged in a news agency source. The railway between Denizli and Izmir is a conventional railway; The passenger trains running here are also regional passenger trains.
4- Turkey to put into operation at the moment Ankara-Eskisehir and Ankara-Konya high-speed train There is no way out of High Speed ​​Rail lines. Fast trains work only on these lines.
5- It is unthinkable for the public not to know the high speed train, news agencies and media organs. It is not understood that the regional train is the subject of high-speed train; should be overlooked.
It will be publicly honored.

Source: TCDD

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