The Importance of Railroad in Trabzon

The Importance of Railroad in Trabzon
In Trabzon, 'The Determination of the Logistics Potential of the East Black Sea Region in Business with Asia and the Importance of the Railway in the New Silk Road Trade' was held.
The panel was organized at the Black Sea Technical University (KTÜ) Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center in cooperation with the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union and the Black Sea Technical University. İnal Seçkin, Yeditepe University Logistics Department Assist. Dr. Şenol Sezgin, Vice Rector of KTÜ. Dr. Hikmet Öksüz, East Black Sea Exporters Association Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan and students participated. Making the opening speech, KTÜ Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hikmet Öksüz stated that he wanted the ideas coming out of the panel to illuminate the future. Expressing that the world has experienced a great change in two and a half centuries, Öksüz said: “In the mid-1930s, the formation of the Ankara, Sivas and Erzurum railway lines deeply affected us. Because the flow of goods coming from the historical Silk Road route has now begun to move westward without stopping by the Trabzon port, which has adversely affected and continued to affect the economic activities and commercial potential of the region. We can come from a 100-year-old story. The pioneers of the period started a study to revive Trabzon. These were the efforts to bring a railroad to Trabzon, the First World War and the Independence War, which made it an end.
Öksüz stated that they are not at the expected and missed point of ninety years and said: “We do not have a railway network. Trabzon port is always affected by the process. Today, although people of this region consists of Turkey's most important logistics companies can not unfortunately occurred in Trabzon necessary infrastructure, such as railway project will speak more to this subject for many years a kind not brought the desired point. Regardless of the fault of the railway route routes, scientific priorities are important, but as a result, we should bring the Trabzon port to this railway network. If this happens, I am sure that immigration from this region will also stop and even reverse migration will begin. ”
Explaining that one of the most livable cities in the world is Trabzon, Öksüz continued his words as follows: “The most important stage of this is undoubtedly undergoing investment here and the railway network meets here. Local or political Trabzon public, far from any prejudice, must meet with political will and of course create such a result by revealing the reasonable, otherwise immigration would be inevitable. The people of Trabzon will continue to be poor and we will continue to talk about history. Important projects are required to build the future. We should seek an exit using the experience of managers and exporters who practice this. ”
On the Importance of Railroad Panel Prof.Dr. Inal Seçkin, adding that the railway and the highway are the passengers of the same road, continued as follows: “The deprivation of Trabzon from the railway may be the result of the usual operations or the fear that we cannot overcome the mountainous regions. But the Ministry of Transport made us do this project. Trabzon must have a railroad first. This led to the lack of transport of sales goods in Iran at that time. We said that there is no such possibility of transportation, but we no longer have the right to be unacceptable. The situation is very different, now what should be done in this dynamism,
We must be very careful and efficient in all kinds of railway moves, considering the transportation of freight, ie freight trade, tourism, Eurasian parties and especially strengthening the commercial connection with Russia.
Stating that the importance of many ports in the Black Sea has increased, from Yeditepe University
Assistant professor. Dr. Şenol Sezgin continued as follows: “The Black Sea Region is not the same as in Romania and Ukraine, despite its 540 km coast. The lack of rail shows that both Constanta and Romania and Ukraine are unable to take the burden we have to take. Although the existing ports in this region do not have the potential they need to take, Trabzon is the most effective port. Considering what will happen in the future, the lack of railway is very important when compared to the ambarlı region, which has been on the rise in the Marmara region, considering the investments that should be made to increase container transportation only on Trabzon for its development ”
Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association Ahmet Hamdi
Gürdoğan claimed that the connection of the Eastern Black Sea Region to the railway network did not go beyond the promises of the politicians and as a result, the railway, which is vital for the region, was blocked by certain circles of interest as it is today. Explaining that the Eastern Black Sea Region does not have a transportation infrastructure at the standards that can meet the needs, Gürdoğan stated that it is the only region that does not have a railway connection in its harbors, and said, “At least in the short term, this gap is 38 kilometers away from the Hopa-Batum railway connection. We demand that it be filled and provided in the long term to be connected to the Samsun railway network by providing a connection from the coastline of this railway to the ports of the provinces of the region. ”
Hopa Batumi railway was built in 1995 at KTÜ by both the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Development.
Explaining that this line is feasible and it can be constructed with very low cost in feasibility studies, Gürdoğan continued his words as follows: “Of course, it will be good to connect this international line to the Erzincan railway network with internal connections. However, it should be the first step to connect to the international network by first looking at the load potential and international trade direction. When we look today, the share of railways in foreign trade transportation in our country is 1 percent.
while in developed countries, 65
Is level. Those who cannot foresee the future, those who cannot look at the potentials of world trade with a visionary perspective, bring up the Trabzon Erzincan railway line just to confuse and stay on the agenda.

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