China's goal is to reach a speed of 1000 km with high speed train

China's goal is to reach a speed of 1000 km with High Speed ​​Train
The economy is getting very serious in the fastest growing China in every last growing. Upgrading the network to 2020 and increasing the speed to 1000
One of the alternative technologies in the world, especially with environmental pollution, is electricity. Every year more and more companies produce and market electric or hybrid models. However, there are problems that cannot be solved by electricity in the automobile industry. For example, traffic and speed limits.
Therefore, developing countries are turning to non-traffic-driven rail systems that can quickly cover long distances. France and Germany in Europe, Japan and China in the Far East rail system is very stable. While France is heading for standard wheeled TGV trains, Germans have been investing in magnetic trains for a long time. China is the biggest customer of these trains.
2 manyetik Maglev lev, one of the world's most commercially active railway lines, is located in China. Moreover, this system in China is the longest Maglev line and one of the fastest train lines. This line, which connects Shanghai Pudong Airport in Pudong City Center, is called ong SMT ı, namely, Shangai Maglev Train.
Launched in 2001, this line was completed in 2004 and was put into service for passengers. In other words, magnetic trains have been in China for 8 years and now plans to expand this line of 30 kilometers. The goal of the Chinese government is to take much longer and much faster Maglev's service in 2020.

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